View Full Version : Lost my Beresford DAC

05-01-2009, 13:30
Yes, well sent it back to Stan for the MOD21 upgrade.

Presently listening to my raw Squeezebox classic, and yes it is raw with its internal DAC.

I have also had to put a`Quad 77 Amp in circuit. I need it to control volume and source switching - second source the analogue output from my Virgin Media Box, which is also rough.

I am taking the pre-out from the Quad 77 to my Quad 405-2 (upgraded), so that means there is an extra layer of amplification.

I wait to here how MOD21 will sound Squeezebox-DAC-Poweramp.

And I also wait to hear what folk say about the Beresford+

The next step (for me) would be remote volume and source switching.

11-01-2009, 20:52
Personally, i don't care about anything remote-related. With pre-amp functionality and with the "+" version - USB support, all i'd care about further on is sound improvements - as best as possible, while staying true to philosophy Stan has heralded from the beginning :)