View Full Version : Oyaide Furukawa EE/FS 2.0 PCOCC-A power cable offer

Mark Grant
06-04-2012, 10:08
I have a small amount of Oyaide Furukawa EE/FS 2.0 power cable available for a reasonable price per metre.

It is listed in half metre lengths, will be supplied as one piece so if you need 1 metre order 2 x 0.5 metres.

The size of the cores is 2.0mm diameter which is about 3.3 mm2 and it is very stiff cable as is made with solid cores.







Fit some nice plugs to it to make a power cable.

This is off the reel cable without any plugs, buy and fit you own plugs for a DIY cable.

Only a small amount is available and when its gone there wont be any more for a month at least.

Mark Grant
04-02-2015, 12:10
I have a few metres of the 2.0mm and also the 2.6mm available, found it on a shelf when tidying up :)

This is discontinued by the manufacturer so when it's gone it's gone.

Can be used to make high quality power cables with decent plugs fitted.

1 metre is enough to internally rewire a 6 or maybe 8 way mains block, ( strip off the outer jacket and use the cores)


85 per metre or 42.50 per half metre etc for either sized cable and free post.

Send me a message or email or phone me if interested as it's not on my site as not much left.

Mark Grant
19-01-2016, 21:16
Found two more short lengths while clearing up,

A 2.75 metre length of the 2.0mm available at 75 per metre including post.

And 5 metres of the 2.6 metres of the 2.6mm at 85.00 per metre,

0.5 metre or 0.75 metre lengths OK if that is all someone needs.

a bit of discount for buying a few metres if anyone needs a few, just send me a PM and ask.

This is probably the last of this cable available anywhere as now discontinued.

Mark Grant
22-01-2016, 21:38
Bumping this up,

at the moment there are 2.75 metres of the 2.0 and 3.5 metres of the 2.6 available.

Mark Grant
29-01-2016, 21:43
The 2.0mm is sold,

3.5 metres of the 2.6mm cable is available.

Mark Grant
07-02-2016, 20:40
The 2.6mm diameter core cable still available. It's huge stuff.

07-02-2016, 21:19
I know (as do you, for your sins), as I've got a length of it strapped onto my power amp! :eyebrows:

Mains cables just don't get any better, though! Awesome stuff :exactly: