View Full Version : What's the buzz? (HiCap/Stageline buzz that is)

Peter Stockwell
31-12-2008, 18:01
I've just installed a very nice DualTeddyCap II on my 282. This freed up the HiCap I was using. Great I thought, I can use the HiCap on the Stageline. It worked very well, superbly well in fact. That was when I was using the Naim snaic between the DTCII and the 282 and a Teddy Pardo snaic between the HiCap and the Stageline.

Now with the Teddy Pardo snaics on the 282, I just can't get rid of the buzz from the phonostage. If I turn off the HiCap it goes away, when I touch the snaic it changes in intensity and in pitch. It seemed like it was going to be ok, and the I touched the cartridge, the headshell or something.

Any ideas ?

Peter Stockwell
03-02-2009, 09:58
No, turns out that I did something nasty with the HiCap. The TeddyCap works just fine in the system, and the HiCap was ok powering the phonostage for a while.