View Full Version : Technics SL1210 Mk5G Advice... Please

30-12-2008, 15:48
I started this in another post but it was not appropriate there so... It's here now.
At the moment I use a Linn Basik turntable with an Alphason Xenon MCS arm and an Ortofon OM30 MM cartridge. My intention is to move to a Dynavector DV10X5 MC cartridge in the new year. Around the same time I would like to upgrade the deck. Choices are only between an LP12 secondhand or a new SL1210 G5. What do you all think...?
The phono stage is to be a Project tube SE II at around 300 quid.

30-12-2008, 16:27
Choices are only between an LP12 secondhand or a new SL1210 G5..

Absolutely the SL1210 G5!!!

30-12-2008, 16:36
There is of course no way I'm going to be ripping the SL to bits at any point in the future to 'improve' it...!!!

30-12-2008, 17:23
The LP12 need the TrampoLinn and a super vibration free base .. while the SL1200 sounds perfectly also on a working washing-machine , just think to a 130db in a disco
The SL1200 doesn't work only in a water filled bathtub , everything else is good for it
You don't need to remove the arm to change cartridge .. just unscrew the headshell and change cartridge seated on your sofa while you are watching Grey's Anathomy on TV
The white plastic gauge works fine .. but if you want to set up your SL1200 ready to beat any Gyrodec/Orbe around you .. just buy the MintLP Best Tractor for the SL1200 and you 'll win hands down

30-12-2008, 17:26
The Alphason arm would be worth keeping, whatever deck you go for. I know the Technics arm is good as standard, especially with a massier headshell, but with the right mounting plate, wouldn't the Alphason be better, assuming you're not going to be using a Denon 103 very soon? :)

30-12-2008, 17:57
The Alphason arm would be worth keeping ..

Alphason is a very good arm .. but it's only a arm
The SL1200 is a perfect "system" well tuned within 30 and more years by the Technics
It's true that the SL1200 arm works well with high mass headshells and cartridges but don't forget it's born to work with Stanton and Ortofon MM cartridges and I got fantastic results with my old Denon DL110 , my old Grado Gold and my newest Grado Statement Master .. definitely not high mass cartridges

30-12-2008, 20:33
The Mk5G with a Funk Firm 5mm Archromat, and maybe a heavier headshell and a good alignment should do very well indeed.

31-12-2008, 19:56
Yes Yes get the 1210 and get a sumiko headshell also maybe isonoe feet a big upgrade on the stock ones.

You see back in the 1990's i had the full blown Linn, ekos, troika, lingo , cirkus
and quite frankly this little dj deck 'so called' is as enjoyable to listen to , in many ways better (bass) at less than 20% of the cost.