View Full Version : Paul Weller... At the BBC

29-12-2008, 18:13
Just before christmas I bought the above album on vinyl from Amazon for 17.99 and then found out it was a three disc set. I think that is quite good value for what you get but then when you give it a spin on the turntable you realise just how fantastic this really is. The sound is quite dry with a somewhat dead acoustic and everything appears well damped but the songs are all very well known and played in a very professional manner. The vinyl is quiet surface wise with a fairly good weight and, thankfully, not recorded at a massively high level so that everything gets thrown into near panic. My big problem is constantly getting up to turn the bloody thing over or change discs...!!! This is a very valuable addition to every collection if Mr Weller rocks your boat.

02-01-2009, 23:16
Thanks for the review, i've been considering this too.