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14-03-2012, 10:16
Hi, I'm very new to audio equipment. Bought an TC-7520SEG Caiman Gatorized from ebay, the seller advised me to look here to learn more about DAC's and equipment in general.

My Caiman is being used for iTunes from my PC with an optical link. The optical link is coming from the motherboard, an Asus P6T v2.

My main annoyance is an internal noise within the DAC body. It is a high pitched click (that my mobile's mic doesn't seem to want to pick up). This happens when a sound stops playing. For example when listening to a song, it gives a half second click and the end. Its quite loud. Its not a problem when having CD's/Playlists or Movies play continuously. It is really really annoying if I'm playing a game where the sound cuts in and out (I wouldn't normally notice), and the DAC goes mad and clicks constantly.

What is causing this? Is there anyway to fix it, because its really annoying. I tried looking up issues for the motherboard or the Caiman but couldn't find anything.


14-03-2012, 19:13
Well you couldn't have posted in a better forum as the maker of your DAC is a member and I'm sure he or another Beresford conversant member will answer your query. :)

14-03-2012, 19:29
Yes, someone will be along shortly but meanwhile, welcome to the forum and as you have bought a quality product that people (well, everyone here certainly) know about, you are on pretty solid ground.

14-03-2012, 21:54
It's the muting relay. It bothers some people more than others, or some are noisier than others.

14-03-2012, 22:53
A previous thread which may have some leads here: