View Full Version : Dave Gilmour - Live in Gdansk on Vinyl

Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
22-12-2008, 12:04
Hi ALl

As the title says, has anyone here got the Dave Gilmour - Live in Gdansk on vinyl.

It's an expensive set of 5 LP's, but is it any good. I like DG and Floyd and have seen parts of the live gig on DVD. But sometimes the vinyl versions are very poor. U2 Joshua Tree is a fine exanple of a crap pressing. As I'm sure Mike will agree with.

So any comment guys, before I go and buy this, I'll wait until after the New Year, just in case ther is a sale on somewhere.

Andy - SDDW

All the Best to everyone here for Christmas and the New Year

22-12-2008, 12:05
I'd like to know too!

This is one I've got my eye on.

Spectral Morn
22-12-2008, 23:41
Hi Guys

I'll let you know if Santa brings it for me.

I have asked.

Regards D S D L ---- Neil :)

23-12-2008, 06:57
Hoping I might find it a bit cheaper after xmas

23-12-2008, 07:53
I've got the CD and it's awesome! - One of the best live sets I've heard. I'll have a look out for the vinyl box set, though :)