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16-12-2008, 22:26
My friend has one of these and his very old Rega R100 ? (s shaped) tonearm needs replacing.

For those who may not know it , it's sprung like a LP12 but has electronic speed change, and doesn't look much like an LP12. I think there are pics on Vinyl Engine.

Anyway, I first thought of an RB250 or maybe a used Akito/Ittok

any recommendations?
ps budget is peanuts


17-12-2008, 22:22
Get another Rega R200 and/or have the existing one looked at/re-wired by Audio Origami. If the bias adjuster is still working, then the rest of the arm is actually very good still.

The RB250/300 and their modified cousins will also drop right in.

Linn arms won't fit unless you can find a new arm board as the length from pivot to spindle is different to the Regas.

19-12-2008, 20:31
The bias is knackered, the counterweight creeps about 5mm each record,
it just feels like it's about to fall to bits. Shame as it looks great and has a
detachable headshell.

I think an RB250 is the most sensible option, he uses a Denon 160 hi MC
cartridge with should go well together.

thanks for the reply

19-12-2008, 23:20
Shame about the bias adjuster. it is a known weakness in old R200's - the little internal toothed belt on the adjuster snaps. The counterweight is easily dealt with - just gently bend the sprung "locating pin" underneath the counterweight beam outwards a little, to give the counterweight a bit more friction.

The RB250 should be fine and there are loads of tweaks available for it. Make sure the main turntable bearing is still OK, especially at spindle tip.