View Full Version : ? repairing red a red wire on a celestion ditton 15

09-02-2012, 18:19

need a quick fix to shift these on. a red wire has come unsoldered and im wondering where it goes on the crossover. there are 2 black and 1 yellow one on this crossover. help would be much appreciated.


The Grand Wazoo
09-02-2012, 19:49
A photo or two might help folks to help you Dan.

09-02-2012, 20:19
Dude you are lucky I took loads of photo's when I over hauled my 15's. for some stupid reason AOS wont let me upload the photo, send me a PM with your email address and i'll send you the photo. But to answer your question without the photo the red lead should be soldered far right nearest to the capacitor on the x-o. Hope this helps.

ps i think the red lead goes upto the tweeter

10-02-2012, 20:55
Hi Dan,

I saw your new ad on gumtree earlier and groaned :(

If you have a pair, couldn't you just look at the good one to see where the wire goes? :idea:

Or am I missing something here? :scratch:

13-02-2012, 12:51

yeah i put them on gumtree. they wernt a matche pair thats why i had diffeulty in placing where the wire went. sold them for 30 though so he who dears wins eh.