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14-12-2008, 18:41
Fav Albums
Joe Bonamassa Live
Cynic Traced In Air
Beth Hart 37 Days

Best Gig

The upgrade that gave me the most muiscal pleasure
Trans Fi Terminator

What I am looking forward too in 2009
Seeing Beth Hart at in London

Please free to add you own lists:)

15-12-2008, 15:59
FAV albums

Fleet foxes
MGMT - oracular spectactular

Radiohead - amsterdam (par show - good week away :cool:)

sony NAC-HD1e (awesome and overlooked bit of kit)
black mambas (huge suprise)
stan dac
da' 1200 + extras
it's been a busy year :lolsign:

19-12-2008, 17:34
Best album..

Fleet Foxes

Best gig..

Cara Dillon in Londonderry

No upgrades, no need :smoking:

19-12-2008, 21:13
Highlights of the year for me were seeing/hearing my amp and phono stage kick ass at Marco's. :)

19-12-2008, 23:07
1. Converting completely from CD to computer based audio, it has reawakened lost music for me (the CDs that sounded bad on the CD player) and has forced me to learn quickly about the digital playback realm, how easily truly good digital reproduction is obtainable and all the little 'tweaks' that can be tried to maximise that quality.

2. Being one of the three chaps who started this forum, I (well, we) hoped it would become something good where folk could feel a part of a group of friends that can discuss differences of opinion in a gentlemanly fashion. I think it's looking that way so far, and it's nice to see all areas of hi-fi catered for and respected as such.

3. Meeting all the great members we have here, you are an excellent bunch of chaps! :)

Ali Tait
20-12-2008, 17:21
For me it was getting the 813 amp in my system,and then fitting some Mundorf coupling caps to my Audio-Note DAC.This transformed my system.Electrostatics CAN do proper bass!

20-12-2008, 18:37
Having my insides,which were hanging outside,popped back inside.

Lily Munsters tiramisu.Simply the best. :smoking:

Upgrading from a Linn Akiva to a Denon DL160. :)

21-12-2008, 12:47
I guess the lowest/highest point for me was finding out that my Yarland Pro200SE 300B single ended amplifier was a huge pile of c**p and that now I have to make do with transistor power. I love valves but just can't find the money any longer.

Musical highlight... Paul Weller 'At the BBC' on vinyl.

Lily Munster
22-12-2008, 20:50
Lily Munsters tiramisu.Simply the best. :smoking:

Thanks David.
I can't really take the credit. It's a family recipe with a secret ingredient from the old country!
Hope you are well?

23-12-2008, 09:48
Having my insides,which were hanging outside,popped back inside.


23-12-2008, 13:03


23-12-2008, 13:31
Ahh, I see. Nice to get back to normal then.