View Full Version : the final piece will arrive this week!

30-01-2012, 12:38
hi all

thought I'd let you know what my system will be with the final piece coming this week from the nice Mr Stan Beresford.

Amp - Mini T T-Amp (TA2020, with the 5A 12v power supply)
Monitor Audio BX2 Bronze speakers
QED 0.5m RCA interConnect
QED 42 strand shielded speaker cable

Now over the weekend this set up coming from PS3 for streamed music via Tversity sounds really great) Those little AMP sound "valve like".

The final piece is this though! and I can't wait!

Optical/Toslink Cable
Usb A to B cable
Beresford Caiman DAC TC-7520SE

Currently bidding on some Misson speaker stands. Am contemplating building my own though (2 designs in mind, one with PVC tubing, one without)

That's the living room sorted.

The spare room (Vinyl room) needs work.. but hey I don't work for RBS so can't summon up ca$h straight away.

A big thank you to close personal friend and AoS member RichB for his advice and assitance.

30-01-2012, 16:34
Cant wait to hear it, a small yet mighty combination you have there mate...

Now stop spending money and start enjoying he says with not the slightest hint of irony...:eyebrows: