View Full Version : Garrard 301 - Sprinds this time!

24-01-2012, 17:52
I have 2 springs of a similar size one measuring approximately 18mm and the other 20mm's. One part 78 attaches part 77 to 69 whilst the other (part 83) attaches part attaches part 82 to 86. Can someone tell me if the smaller spring (the 18mm) is part 78 or 83, then the other spring has to be additional spring that I'm puzzled about! I have attached a picture which hopefully makes things clearer.



Dominic Harper
24-01-2012, 18:53
Hi Andrew, from that picture, the top spring looks like the rear idler wheel spring, and the other looks like the speed selector frame spring.
All springs on the garrards need the open ends closing shut once fitted.

24-01-2012, 19:06

As ever thanks mate. I've taken your advice and closed all the open ends.