View Full Version : Bearing Christmas Gift

08-12-2008, 17:14
I have got this special oil that is used in aircrafts and works out to about 900 a litre (I only have a small tube)
It is suppossed to make a noticble difference to bearing performance and help with the sound
If anyone would like to be added to the list of people who want to use it on there turntable bearing. You only need a very small amount please contact me It will be completly free all you have to do is promise to use it sparingly and then pass it onto whoever next wants to use it, or if you wish a bit more info please send me a message

08-12-2008, 17:18
Sounds interesting, John. Are you aware of J7's 'super slippy' bearing oil (from Audio Origami)? I presume it's a bit like that :)


08-12-2008, 17:34
Yes not sure if it the same oil (think not as twice the price) I cannot help with the cleaning before use but high alchol based material with tissue paper would do the trick But does the same type of job