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21-12-2011, 18:25

I'm wondering if anyone can help with a last minute Xmas question I have? I'm trying to help a friend whose wife wants a device that will allow her to watch streamed videos (youtube, etc) from her PC on the TV. I'm not very computer-savvy but he is. The only device he knows of is called a Veebeam and is a wireless pc to TV link, but requires you to use their media player if you want any decent picture quality. He's looking for a better option and does not want to just use a long HDMI cable. Any suggestions?

Barry :)

Mark Grant
21-12-2011, 18:39
How about something like a WD TV Live:



21-12-2011, 19:08
Thank you Mark, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! I'll pass this info on to him and I'm sure he'll investigate.


22-12-2011, 06:06
Mr. Grant, you can now add Marriage Crisis Avoidance to your resume, in addition to Master Cabler (are they available in the US?). My friend ordered the WD from amazon and his wife will now be getting an actual box vs. an IOU.

Thanks Again,