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The Vinyl Adventure
20-12-2011, 23:56

21-12-2011, 00:39
Simples :)


21-12-2011, 06:44
It means you have an Apple. Try buying a better phone? :rfl:

21-12-2011, 08:28
What browser are you using? The page renders correctly with the lower banner image on my iPhone 4 with Safari (non-jailbroken).

21-12-2011, 09:15
It renders fine on my Windows Phone 7 using Internet Explorer. However, the Ads below the lower banner don't show. On my desktop (using W7 & IE9) they do show. The little dude doesn't show on either.

(sorry about the Apple joke, I'm in a good mood today)

The Vinyl Adventure
21-12-2011, 09:38


My first instinct told me I had done something wrong ... Or got in trouble, or the thread was closed ... Very confusing to an inebriated mind!

21-12-2011, 11:33
He means that your phone batteries need recharging urgently:ner:.

21-12-2011, 11:48
He means that your phone batteries need recharging urgently:ner:.

I was about to say the same thing!

The Vinyl Adventure
21-12-2011, 18:53
Not bad for the time of day ... I'm at 21% now!
These bloody forums bleed it dry!

21-12-2011, 23:10
Goodness, I'm at 82% over the same time period and I've been using it quite a lot.

Reid Malenfant
21-12-2011, 23:20
Martin's got the power :eek:

You'll be listening to Snap if you aren't careful :eyebrows:

21-12-2011, 23:24
...says the one who doesn't like mobile phones :lol:

Spectral Morn
22-12-2011, 17:49
Phones are for phone calls only, anything else :doh: :scratch: :mental: imho (of course)

Regards D S D L

The Vinyl Adventure
22-12-2011, 18:09
Phones are for phone calls ... iPhone's are pocket computers :)
Mines not even that good at being a phone, but I hardly use it as one compared to the rest of its uses :)

22-12-2011, 18:30
I would summarise it as "smartphones are for communicating".

For me, it has to be a good phone first and foremost, with excellent bluetooth functionality for my car and headsets.

Secondly, it must do threaded text messages, e-mail with tightly integrated Exchange for those of us with Microsoft Exchange mail servers (supporting contacts & calendar), and personal e-mail.

Thirdly (but not mandatory), it should integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other means by which people communicate with me (for instance, my son only communicates with me through Facebook - don't ask me why).

Fourth, it should handle all my business documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint and allow me to edit them and push/pull them from the cloud, so that I have what I need on the move.

Fifth (important for me), it should have a good RSS reader for certain feeds that I read daily.

Finally, a good but not huge library of apps is a nice to have.

My HTC HD7 ticks all these boxes.

17-01-2012, 18:00
Errrrr, I have a Vodaphone brick. I think it has a camera. :scratch::ner::cool:

17-01-2012, 18:41
Sorry, I seem to have killed this thread dead :rolleyes:

17-01-2012, 18:54
Not that I have anything against them, but I kind of like threads in Critics Corner that come to a natural end!

17-01-2012, 19:01