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18-11-2008, 23:32
Well, some of you know me for sure but anyway, glad that I bumped across another interesting place on the net....

I spent most of my life around music, at 44 I'm still an active DJ (though not that wild as back in the glory days:). In my CV I have 10 years at the top of music dept of one of the better radio stations in this part of the world (www.b92.net), tons of articles written for different music press, some CDs with some wierd experimental sound art I was into some time ago..... Still, after all these years, nothing in my life can thrill me like a great pop tune (especially since my club, FC Red Star topped Europe and world in 1991:eyebrows: so not that much passion for football left)...

Out of all audiophile criteria we all have in our heads, I seriously rate only one - an ability of a system to make me believe that I'm listening to the real music, not electrically processed waves or data streams.

As it seems that I have an expensive taste while living in a country with a less than average life standards of the citizens, lots of my efforts relies on DIY works or running it on a shoestring.

Right now my system consists of the following:

Oris Swing, horn loudspeakers built by a dutch BD-design. I bought them secondhand - if I would have to buy them new, I don't think I would afford to pay shipping and custom&VAT duties on their export price.

First Watt F3, solid state amp, single ended, class A, J-FET. Most likely the best solid state my aged ears have heard - a way above JLH, Hiraga and similar DIY efforts. Once my (to be) main amp is finished, 10y SET of 1.6w power, F3 will remain as the B amp - it won't leave this house.

Music First copper TVC - as a temporary solution that still allows enjoyment despite some obvuous faults. In a few weeks it will be replaced by another DIY project of a tallented local designer, a hi tech LRD VC preamp.

My favourite digital source is my 10E (on the flea market) philips CD-160 from 1985 when there were no remote controls installed. It helps you being fit, and once heavilly modified by some good people around, it performs in a category of (at least) 2000E CDPs. I do have a dedicated transport, Oppo 981, who despite being a Stereophile recommended component sounds like a crap, covered not with veils but thick army blankets so it's my wife's background listening source.

Another component I'm very happy with is TwinDAC +, a masterpiece of German designer Mirko Weitzig, fully NOS, no digital nor analogue filters, no output stage, transformer coupled direct from the chip (therefore only 0.3V output). It threw out another fave of mine - Altmann Attraction DAC which I enjoyed for more than 2 years (for sale now btw)....

Analogue frontend is a work in progress. Since 1986 I have faithful Stabi 2/Stogi with different pickups - Denon 103, 160, Stanton 681 EEE S2 etc etc. However during my last move it seems that I lost a vital part of it so it's still being serviced. OTOH, as a leftover from the days when I need DJ decks at home, I have a Technics 1210 which I dearly love as an object. Right now it's with Denon 103, a locally made very good mat, rubber feet removed and a few other tweaks done.

Still searching for a perfect RIAA. As I liked 864 phono part a bit, I expected 834P to be a solution, however I was cursed and took for a demo a locally made 5Y3/ECC83/ECC82 phono that rolled a floor with the EAR. As a stop-by solution I have Denon AU320 SUT but to say i'm disappointed would be an overstatement. I will most likely order Cinemags soon.

This turned out to be a long one, thanks for the patience and enjoy the music!

19-11-2008, 07:08
Nice kit
DIY seems the best route to go to create great sounds for reasonable dosh
Also like that you deeply into music. There are plenty of people here into DIY and I am sure reading Marco posts would point you in the right direction in upgrading the 1210 into a very serious turntable
Ps what is your name and be nice to see some pictures

19-11-2008, 08:52
Anubis, truly interesting text, enjoyed every bit of it! The DJing part and "weird experimental sound art i was into some time ago" really tingled my ears. Could this sound art be from the end of 70ies / beginning of 80ies and of english origin primarily? :eyebrows: :smoking:. Or is it the more academic variety in form of classical avant-garde composers?

Of course, goes without saying - top equipment :cheers:

19-11-2008, 18:18
sorry, i forgot to add my name - gordan

the experimental sound art i mentioned is something i did back in the 90s, mostly for kunst radio from vienna (fantastic radio, a true fortress of leftfield radio like no other in the world), as well as for the ars electronica festival of avantgarde electronic art in linz, also austria... afaik apart from the numerous pieces that are broadcasted, 3 of them appeared on the CDs, a 60min piece called "other voices, echoes from a war zone" dedicated to the victims of the balkan wars in the 90s, innocent civilians, plus 2 shorter pieces, one dedicated to the great kurt schwitters and another that appears on a collaborative CDs with takes on the michael nyman's music comissioned by ars electronica festival. unfortunately i've got personally (or artistically) too unfocussed so eventually i gave up on the sound art however i hope it's only a temporary pause.

the pics to follow soon, right now i'm knocked to bed with a very heavy throat infection, 7 days with shots - didn't have that since my school days:doh:.. also ears rather prefer silence in that state:(

19-11-2008, 20:58
Hi Gordan,

Welcome to AoS!....

I'm going to have to read your first post again, bloody fascinating stuff! :)


21-11-2008, 12:20
Hi Gordon, welcome! Enjoy, sounds like you know your onions mate. :)

23-11-2008, 09:40
nice one Gordan