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18-11-2008, 20:04
Iīve just sent my Ittok LV111 off for a Kondo silver rewire by J7 (Yes, I know, overkill etc. but I have heard what a Cardas rewire can do for the same model arm and itīs dynamite so whatīs money ?-beside I have just sold a surplus pair of Mana Soundbases which will pay for it )

To the point; with my cartridge in my hands and my crappy loupe and a good light I was able to see my stylus tip was still covered in crud, despite having left it for a good 5 minutes, DRY, on my AT vibrating dildo thingy, just half a dozen LP sides ago. So Iīm going to risk a bit of the old isopropyl/distilled water mix. Has anyone had his appendage drop off through this method ? People do go on about the liquid being sucked up the cantilever tube and buggering things - shall I or shanīt I ? What does the little man in the Highphonics shed recommend ?


18-11-2008, 20:51
Go easy on the old isopropyl, I used to use it liberally on my 103pro and one day the stylus just came away in the brush head, I have since been advised by the fellas that rebuilt my cart that the alcohol softens the bonding adhesive and should be used sparingly on a sable artist's brush with minimal hairs.

18-11-2008, 22:14
Hey, Scoobsy baby, where ya been - have you got your 103Pro back yet from ESco, and if so what's it like, and if not, why not? :lolsign:


Chris, use a non-alcohol based cleaning fluid - there are a few around. Have a look at the Analogue Seduction website, for example.


18-11-2008, 22:54
I've been without t'internet for a while, just catching up now.
Yes I got the 103 back the day after I made a fuss about it on here (blushes), I am cock-a-hoop with it Marco, it's a little firecracker. I'm finding it has the same 'coiled spring' like enthusiasm as before with no less grunt either, it's brighter with greater insight and intimacy, the neck hairs get more of a workout. I find sibilance on female vocals has diminished too. The other noticable feature is end of side...it sounds the same as the beginning or the middle, some of my LP's contain my fav tracks on end of side and I'm not getting the slight disapointment that was once there. I dont know if this has anything to do with the new lower 1.8 tracking weight.

A worthwhile wait all in all, and recommended.

19-11-2008, 21:11
Try using some 'L'Art du Son' record cleaning liquid.

If it gets record crud out of the groove I don't see why it won't get record crud off a stylus. :eyebrows:

It contains no alcohol.