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17-11-2008, 21:52
Hi, just registered.

My name is Graeme, im 31 and live in sheffield.

My system is

Heavily modified lenco in 4" slate plinth.
Goldring 1012gx cartridge in home made tangential air bearing arm
10 phono stage, but not for long.
Modified WD KEL84 amp
WD25A speakers that ive just housed in some large TL cabinets
Randon cables

Future plans include,
finish my valve phono and pre amp
Play with some new speakers, probably some full rangers.

I live in a small 1 bed flat with someone living above so the new huge TL's arent exactly ideal:)

17-11-2008, 22:01
Hi Graeme, glad to see you here. A Lenco in a slate plinth demonstrates fine taste. Which Lenco do you have? I'm just starting out on my Lenco journey, via a GL75. All stock so far with a Shure SM55E cart / stylus, but I'm working on it.

I would love to see some pictures of your home-made arm. Make sure you post some pics into the gallery!

Sounds like you're having fun with the DIY thing. Look forward to hearing about what you get up to :)

17-11-2008, 22:12
Ok, heres some pics.

These are my new speaker cabs, very rough, quickly built in chipboard to see if i'd like them

my lenco and arm (origionaly a leak, but just a rebadged GL75)


I also have a technics slp1200 cd player

17-11-2008, 22:14
Oh, nothing is cosmeticaly finished as its all constantly evolving.

If i ever settle on anything i build a final pretty version, but so far only my plinth has reached that stage :)

17-11-2008, 22:17
Hi Graeme,

Welcome to AOS - nice to see you here. We met at Owston :)

Have you played any more Led Zep recently? ;)


17-11-2008, 22:18
I love your TT! It's obviously something you've spent a lot of time on. I would be dead proud if that were mine! Mine is covered over on this thread (http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?t=985). I need to post some new pics as it's now working, and it wasn't when I took those, but it's still in it's plastic tub. More work needed. It's nice to see some inspirational pictures.

17-11-2008, 22:25
Hi marco, i remember :)

Not played and zep, all on vinyl and ive still not set my TT up again since owston!

Waiting for a new spring as the cats chewed one up a couple of days ago.

Beechwoods, ive briefly looked through your thread.
Ive spent alot of time modding and experimenting with my lenco. If you want any advice on what ive found works then just ask and ill give you my opinion.

Ive tried all sorts of bearing set ups, ive also tried using rega bearings and rega platters.

Right now my bearing is mounted very differently from stock and ive junked everything thats not needed.

Its sounding very good indeed, even with the budget cart and phono.

17-11-2008, 22:46
Hi Graeme and welcome, nice to have another dab-hand DIY'er on board. Enjoy!

Ali Tait
17-11-2008, 23:09
Well he won a trophy at Owston for his system.That turntable is superb,and that arm has no right to sounding as good as it does,considering he made it for literally pence.Made a great job of the plinth too.Well done mate.

18-11-2008, 10:00

Your right, it really shouldnt sound so good.

Just goes to show, throwing money at a problem isnt the only way!

Although, if i had money to throw.....

18-11-2008, 10:14
It isn't the cost, it's the balance of components working in harmony. :)

18-11-2008, 10:38
Im not so sure if thats just Hi Fi bo***cks.

Obviously some combinations of kit arent going to work well together, because there designed for different things.
But i pay no thought to synergy, or what might work. I just build what i fancy so unless ive just been super lucky...

I dunno. Its a bit different with DIY cos you build something then tweek it till it sounds right.

I think the whole cost thing is why people were so surprised at owston.
It seemed pretty obvious to me that people werent expecting a great deal. Some comments made at the beginning of the day, although well ment, were actually reasonably insulting.

When i started playing some tunes, half of em didnt seem too interested, obviously already made there mind up from looking at it that it wouldnt sound that great.

30 seconds into the first track though everyone shut up and sat down :)

18-11-2008, 10:53
Hi Graeme,

I never know what to expect at Owston; gear can be really good or the total opposite, so I never prejudge. And looks, as far as D.I.Y is concerned, is no indication of performance.

Your deck was excellent, and really 'teased out' the music in the grooves. I'm sure there's still more to come from it, too :)

I think achieving the correct synergy (in terms of components complementing each other sonically and musically) is really important with commercial hi-fi gear, but with D.I.Y (as you've discovered) you make your own synergy as you're in charge of designs from the ground up. You probably do it without even thinking about it!


18-11-2008, 12:11
Some nice gear Graham The lenco really looks impresive
Funny how perceptions can be based on looks its always good to break a few illusions

19-11-2008, 21:45
Hi Graeme,

Welcome to AoS, did those bits work out OK for your phono3 clone?


19-11-2008, 22:32
Yes :)

I got it working yesterday. Been rebuilding a neat version today, built a super simple 5687 pre-amp too.

Just need a couple more resistors and something to put it all in.

Thanks for the parts, helped alot!!

19-11-2008, 22:46
When i started playing some tunes, half of em didnt seem too interested

It's always been a bit like that, Graeme.
Best to treat it as an interesting day out, learn what you can, and not take anything too seriously.:)