View Full Version : Beresford 7520 oddity

11-11-2011, 12:41
I know this bit of kit has had much attention here so I feel it is OK to put forward a potentially silly thought, but is it possible to get a different sound from the same source going to rca input 1 from when connected to input 2. I was finding the sound a bit harsh the other night and then remembered I'd swapped inputs a day or two previous. I swapped again and everything seemed to fall into place again. Have I hit that stage where placebos are working for me!! Help!

11-11-2011, 14:05
I remember some years ago a reviewer on one of the hifi magazines suggested using the 'tape out' of an amplifier as an input from a CD player and being the audiophool I was at the time I tried it on a Rotel integrated . I was convinced that it was better and so was a mate I played it to . I used it like that for a couple of years. Something to do with a shorter cleaner signal path if I remember.