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24-10-2011, 07:57
Need a new TV 23-26" with built in freeview recorder if poss, any ideas please?


24-10-2011, 11:34
Try Techno's, sorry too much time in front of my 1210, Tesco's! They have some decent TV's in with DVD built in as well + you'll get club card points (if you collect them :scratch:). :cool:

24-10-2011, 13:16
If you have anything other than perfect eye sight get a 26" screen size. A Samsung LED TV would be my first choice. Brilliant picture. Splash out on a Panasonic if funds permit.

24-10-2011, 16:02
I was going to suggest Panasonic too. For larger screens, they took over Pioneer's technology I believe and they still have an edge I understand :)

24-10-2011, 16:08
what do you guys think to sony tele's?

24-10-2011, 16:19
Hamish rates them and he sells them

Reid Malenfant
24-10-2011, 17:24
<snip> Need a new TV 23-26" with built in freeview recorder if poss
Is it a space thing? What i mean is you want the freeview recorder built in due to space constraints?

Personally I'd never buy a TV with a built in DVD/blu ray player or freeview recorder. It's usually only the cheaper manufacturers that lob all these things in for convenience & we all know they don't last very long :rolleyes: At that point the cheap TV with all the extra gubbins is useless, so you need to buy the whole lot again :eek:

Get a decent TV from a quality manufacturer & don't bother with the extended warranty (EU law gives you two years anyway) & the saving you make on not purchasing the extended warranty can go on an external freeview recorder ;)

Buy cheap kit & you'll pay more in the long run :(