View Full Version : Help !!! SME 3009 series 11 improved

10-11-2008, 16:12
Hi Guys

Looking for some help with the set up of my SME 3009 series 11 improved tone arm. The promlem is that no matter what i do i cannot get the record to play without jumping and sounding distorted !! The arm is mounted on a JVC QL-70 Direct drive turntable. I have set it up with a protractor and experimented with different tracking weights all to no avail !! It is also fitted with a new stylus. I have tried several albums and some are worse that others, just a thought could it be my LPs ?. They play fine on a Kenwood midi systym turntable that i have.
Any thoughts will be most welcome.

10-11-2008, 18:17
Just to let you know i have sussed it !!!!!
The problem was the pillar bearing was tight , and what was happening was the arm wasn't keeping up with the stylus. So I have taken the top yoke off and turned the lower one by hand and it had Resistance in it and didn't spin freely. Loosened it off and hay presto !!! Well pleased now !!