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18-10-2011, 19:04
My Yamaha 7.1 receiver has a small fault. One of the HDMI sockets doesn't work,it has suffered mechanical damage, probably had a connector pushed in too enthusiastically.
I just wondered if this is something that I could repair myself. Can you buy HDMI sockets?

Reid Malenfant
18-10-2011, 19:10
Hi Jerry, unless you are familiar with soldering surface mount components I'd leave it to someone else, they'll be as tight together as a ducks ar*e in all probability. Not only that the socket is also likely to be connected to a double sided PCB which you just don't want to be dealing with :eek:

Before going nuts though, take a look inside as it might be a broken or dry joint & if you are very careful you might be able to repair it yourself ;) If the socket is naff though leave well alone imho :rolleyes:

18-10-2011, 19:39
I was afraid you would say that Mark. Oh well, at the weekend I will disconnect everything and see if I can open it up.

Reid Malenfant
18-10-2011, 19:44
I was afraid you would say that Mark. Oh well, at the weekend I will disconnect everything and see if I can open it up.
Sorry Jerry :( Opening it up is the easy bit i might add ;)

I should imagine the socket is screwed to the amps back panel, i'll be honest & say that it wouldn't surprise me if you need to remove the whole amp back panel to access the HDMI connections from the socket to the PCB :rolleyes:

Just warning you :whistle:

23-10-2011, 19:25
How about not using HDMI from the DVD player and using component cables instead?
Picture quality probably won't be as good but we don't watch that many DVD's.
Anyone got some component cables they want to sell?

Reid Malenfant
23-10-2011, 19:28
How long a set of component cables do you need Jerry? I might have some rather good ones doing nothing right now ;)

23-10-2011, 19:42
The amp and dvd player are close together Mark, I only need about 1 metre, possibly a bit less.

Reid Malenfant
23-10-2011, 19:45
Ok, no point in having these then :lol: They are a bit longer...

DVD > Amp? Ah so you are switching via the amp for video :scratch: I always seperate them if possible & run direct from the player to the display ;)

23-10-2011, 19:52
Only one HDMI on the back of the TV Mark. I route everything through the AV amp. How long are your cables?

Reid Malenfant
23-10-2011, 20:02
4 - 5M, they were a direct run from the old DVD player to my projector ;) Cable is this & it's not thin (http://www.maplin.co.uk/high-quality-av-signal-cable-9512), the spec is 8mm diameter per cable, it's not blue - it's a kind of pearlescent silver sheath :eyebrows: Connectors are these (http://www.maplin.co.uk/high-quality-gold-platedphono-plugs--1007) they used to do an 8mm plug in the range, yes it was all DIY :eyebrows:

23-10-2011, 21:03
Lovely. :) If you can bare to part with them I will buy them off you.

Reid Malenfant
23-10-2011, 21:17
I no longer have a use for them Jerry, how does 25 + P&P sound ;)

Let me check the cable length & get back to you before you decide to part with your money... I guess i ought to find the things as well :eyebrows: If i remember right i have some coloured tape marking out each cable, Red, Green & Blue :)

I used to make Scart leads out of the same cable along with other stuff for audio, they were kind of big cables, but there was nothing that could compare in all honesty for video quality :)

23-10-2011, 21:22
Ok, freebie cable in use at the moment so these should make a big difference. Just send me a PM when you find 'em.

25-10-2011, 16:59
What about these ones you recommended Mark?

Reid Malenfant
25-10-2011, 17:07
Yes, they are ok Jerry ;) I happen to be using 2 x 10M lengths of the very same as audio cable in my active system :cool:

If all you need is 1M there doesn't appear to be much point in fitting 4 or 5M now does there :lol:

25-10-2011, 17:16
Good point. Sorry Mark, I would have like to have tried your home-made ones but postage would probably cost a few bob!

Reid Malenfant
25-10-2011, 17:20
That's alright, no point in using any overlength cable no matter how good it is ;)

Save your moolah & purchase the one you linked to, i'm sure you'll be very happy indeed for the money :)

27-10-2011, 08:20
Might be an obvious suggestion, but have you tried getting in touch with Yamaha, and getting a quote for repair? May not be too bad.

Just had a whole new digital board for my Primare surround processor all fitted and done for 200!

27-10-2011, 10:31
Rather spend 200 on my hifi Arthur.:)

28-10-2011, 21:40
I have just wasted an evening trying to get my new component cables to work. Connected them up between amp and DVD, selected component in the Samsung DVD menu, checked I/O assignment in the amp menu. Picture is via the freebie composite cable.:doh:
What am I doing wrong?

Reid Malenfant
29-10-2011, 16:06
Hi Jerry, you'd better explain what cables you have connected between the DVD player & amplifier & from the amp to the TV/Display before that can be answered ;)

29-10-2011, 17:57
No worries Mark, I figured it out this morning. I needed to switch the TV over to component on input 2. Picture quality is ok, not as good as HDMI but fine for the amount of use it gets.

Reid Malenfant
29-10-2011, 19:50
Stuff knows how i missed your reply Jerry? :scratch:

Did you know that HDMI can be RGB or Component as well :eyebrows:

Component is done in a certain mathematical way that makes sure you get what is being fed. RGB doesn't guarantee this...

HDMI should always be superior as it gives the source direct access to the display pixel by pixel with no processing in between. I couldn't believe the differance i had with my projector not too long ago when i turned off the overscan :doh:

Glad you have it working fella ;)