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07-11-2008, 06:36
My Spectral DMC30 is for sale. I am the second owner and I bought it used from Music lovers in
Berkley and used it with my DMA 90.
Iím in California but willing to mail to UK/Europe, currently the pre-amp is configured for
110V but can be configured for 230V.
The pre-amp is in good condition , there are 3 blemishes on the front panel and I have tried to
show these as honestly as possible. (see the zoomed pics)
The LEDs for volume and balance are orange color .It is the pre amp sitting on the Spectral
box that is for sale (just to save any confusion)

Iím looking for $3000 US dollars for a 110V buyer or $3250 for a non 110V buyer to cover the
conversion cost. Payment by PayPal probably the best and we can split the fee.
If any one is interested let me know, mailing cost to the UK could be around $300 US including
insurance and you might have to pay import duty .
I have the box ,manual and remote control.

Any questions let me know.


Here it is :-




I have circled the marks on the front panel


Close ups here



here is the back


07-11-2008, 09:00
Great pictures, Mark! Why is your system not featured in our Gallery? If it is, sorry I've missed it - if it isn't, get it in! :)


07-11-2008, 16:54
I can put a few pictures in the Gallery, but I will need to do a bit of dusting first.

15-11-2008, 22:06
Am I correct in thinking that you can only use a certain type of cable with a Spectral Preamp? I have Jeff Rowland 302 monoblocks, and I'm wondering if the Spectral could be used with them.

Steve Toy
16-11-2008, 04:19
You can use a Spectral preamp with any cable you like and with any power amp. It is the Spectral power amps that have to be used with MIT or Spectral cables.

Until recently I ran a Spectral DMC-15 pre into a Densen B-330 power amp then my valve amp.

16-11-2008, 08:52
Steve is correct, it's the power amps that require MIT cables (the Spectral cables are
made by MIT)