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01-11-2008, 12:20
I was looking for a way to get an SPDIF out from my laptop when I stumbled across the HagUSB. This little box is plug 'n play and gives you a reclocked, tranformer-coupled SPDIF out when you plug it into a spare USB port. It has far exceeded my expections by improving on my CD transport by quite a margin! Massive Attack - "Mezzanine" never sounded so clear and expansive!


"In use, the HagUsb readily automatically configured for me on both Windows XP and Mac OS-X machines. Further, using iTunes with CDs ripped to the hard drives, I was able to compare the HagUsb to several transports and one heavily modified DVD player used as a transport. In each and every comparison, The HagUsb held its own, fairing extremely well. Moreover, in more than one instance, I preferred the HagUsB." - Joseph Rocker, UltraFiTimes

My second unit! I built a new HTPC thinking I would use the TOSLINK out on the motherboard. Yuk. The HTPC sounds like there is a blanket over the speakers, while my original music server PC with the HagUSB sounds better than any high-end transport I have ever used.

The usb dac and HP laptop work perfectly. Maybe outclasses my Mark Levinson 31.5.