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16-08-2011, 16:05
Thats it. Ive had it with Sony. Finished.

Im trying to calibrate my Sony Bravia ex 503 because low light scenes can be a bit gloomy.
So i try to fit a THX calibration disc into the blu ray and adjust the picture.
As soon as i hit the home button on the bravia remote it exits from the blu ray player. Cant negotiate the picture settings with the disc running.
I phoned up Sony and they confirmed that you cant adjust the tv setting when playing a movie :eek:
Not only does the ps3 not have bravia sync , its not compatible with a sony tv
F***n unbeleivable.
Im of to the Apple store.

Reid Malenfant
16-08-2011, 19:00
Jeez, that is one rather large fess up from Sony :mental: Sorry to hear it Colin :rolleyes:

The Vinyl Adventure
16-08-2011, 19:58
I think Sony have told you wrong ...
Look for "sync menu", maybe a button? I think you might need to press the options button... Then sync menu, then "tv control"
I think ... ... ?? Get back to me if you can't work it and I'll investigate a bit more at the shop for you!

16-08-2011, 21:55
That all makes sense Hamish :) Having a listening session at the moment so i will switch the ps3 on later.

16-08-2011, 23:24
Thanks Hamish that did the job. I think i prefered my settings though.

The Vinyl Adventure
17-08-2011, 07:39
It's always nice to know that I know more about Sony tv settings than Sony do!
To be fair, I had to text Jamie from the shop to get a hint as I couldn't fully remember ...
I've had similar issues when doing TV instals for people ... What made me think there was a way around your problem was remembering trying to set up sky 3D ... It's almost like some of the settings are an after thought or at least an ill conceived work around!

As for prefering your settings to THX ... I have never known anyone prefer THX calibration over thier own ... I personally think those disks are a load of old shite!

Set it up to personal taste ... It's your telly!!

Gloomyness is a bugger to fix without making the blacks go grey ... Try turning the lights off in your room when watching a film ... A lamp behind the tv for ambient room light light is best (I think mark has a thread on d65 backlighting that might be of interest - although that's more about colour, it might help). Else I can't remember the combo of "backlight" "brightness" "contrast" I found to my taste ... I know for films in a low lit room turning the backlight pretty low (is it out of 10 - maybe 3??) contrast maybe fairly high 70? And brightness at 45? Try that ... I dunno, I'm dredging my brain, I've not set one up in ages ... I can get Jamie to let me know what settings he uses ... He doesn't like thx either... But then I don't like his settings that much, too over processed! My big tip recently (since they introduced all this "x400htz" what ever it's called shite... Is to turn all the extra picture setting to "low" or off then try switching them on one at a time and see what they do... You might have some silly mode on that's adding to the gloom!
Anyway, I'm blabbing shit as usual!
Hope you like your tv a bit better again now!! ;)

17-08-2011, 07:59
I will mess about with the lighting tonight Hamish. It looks a bit green at the moment!

The Vinyl Adventure
17-08-2011, 08:13
Last years range were a touch green ... To be honest I didn't notice it, bit I know a few people who have since mentioned that!
Go advanced picture settings, scroll right down ... You should find rgb adjustments ... There is "bias" and something else ... One just goes minus and one plus and minus ... Can't remember if you boost red and blue or drop the green ... One thing effects the picture adversely to much ... You will work it to your eye I'm sure!

The Vinyl Adventure
17-08-2011, 08:18
I should further credit Jamie, for the hints once again - I was sure there was rgb adjust, but he's confirmed and told me where to find it for you :) ... No one knows sony tvs from the last ten years more than Jamie of sight2sound Worcester ;)

17-08-2011, 23:20
Sorry Hamish couldnt find it.

Thing Fish
17-08-2011, 23:56
Sorry Hamish couldnt find it.

I fear your not cut out to own a Bravia Colin?

18-08-2011, 00:03
Ive got a sony erikson phone and i cant work that either, give me a nokia any day. I like my sony portable though.