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Neil McCauley
18-10-2008, 16:13
Letís have a morsel of fun by attempting to get the vocabulary right Ė and in so doing, a chance to win the CD of your choice.

Iíve had it up to here (visualise my hand about as high above my head as I can reach) with the accursed acronym PRaT.

Hereís the deal. Between now and next Friday, anyone who in non humorous terms (and in 30 words or less please) can define what they believe is meant by the first part of the acronym where P = Pace and email me at enquiries@Stereonow.co.uk they will have their entry judged and the most credible and uncomplicated one gets the CD of their choice with my compliments.

The following week we can tackle R = Rhythm in a similar way, but with 2 free CDs of the winnerís choice as the prize.


Neil McCauley
18-10-2008, 18:51
I've just had a damn fine definition of P= Pace from Paul Lange. It's the first and yet I suspect it's gonna be hard to beat. But hey, there's still 6 days to run.

Paul suggests I post all the entries on the site at the end of the competition. What I'll probably do is post the best (IMHO) 3. We'll see.

Meanwhile I'm putting together my Blues Sampler #1 CD. If I can get permission from the PRS, then I'll make it freely available to all any any forum members that want it. Right now I'm refining the running order; and I'm listening to 'Blues With A Feeling" by Paul Butterfield. Hmm ..... nice!


Neil McCauley
29-10-2008, 22:19
"Fast attack on each musical transient that gives a sense of excitement and the impression that the music is being played faster than it actually is"

Nice one Paul.

Thank you