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The Black Adder
03-07-2011, 19:55

Does anyone have any information on any of the stuff by Beard?

I'm looking at a CA35 preamplifier.


03-07-2011, 20:18
What kind of information? The power amp is a keeper.

The Black Adder
03-07-2011, 20:21
just info on the the pre-amp. Cheers

03-07-2011, 20:55
There is a review HERE (http://www.gramophone.net/Issue/Page/December%201988/166/853022). If you need the owner's manual, email me. I got it on file.

04-07-2011, 06:42
One of the Beard amps was judged to be good, but the preamps were a bit variable and not that wonderful I remember.

Rare Bird
04-07-2011, 09:16
just info on the the pre-amp. Cheers

The old Rose 'RV23S' might be a good pre for your amps.

Neil McCauley
06-07-2011, 14:17
"During that period valve amplifiers were just coming back into England, and the driving force behind it was Michaelson and Austin. They made an outstanding, even by today’s standards, valve power amplifier called the TVA1. Reliability was questionable, but the sound was excellent.

Their preamplifier designs were considerably less successful and this situation was reflected in the product line-up from Beard Audio too. Fortunately the Meridian 101 and 101B variant proved an excellent sonic and electrical match for all Beard power amplifiers and TVA amplifiers"


06-07-2011, 18:54
The early unreliable TVA1's were good at 50WPC. Good job they were just down the road from us back then, 'cos we had a few problems I recall. The last TVA1's went up in power and the sound degraded big-time, getting fatiguingly harsh toned. We didn't bother after this and stayed the Naim way and in those days, the bolt-up Naim 250's were sweet toned and almost valvey in presentation - IMO.