View Full Version : Caiman SEG with no right(red) speaker sound(preamp)

29-06-2011, 18:04
Damn.... Why is it almost all I buy has some defect....
As written in another thread I just recieved my Caiman SEG and is very happy with the sound of it but there are problems with it.

Today I tried the Caiman SEG as a preamp with a friends Poweramp and there is no sound from the right speaker.... If I change the RCA leads comming out of the caiman (red on white and white on red), the sounding speaker switches too.... What can this be???? Is Red rca terminal not connected properly?? I need this fixed as I plan to build a DIY Hypex/Coldamp poweramplifier and use the Caiman as pre.

Can it have a link with my other problem with the fixed line output?? That being that if i max out the volum pot in fixed mode the right speaker suddenly decreases in volum and distorts greatly... This too switches with the leads but having a jack to 3,5mm adapter in the HP output fixes this problem.

Tnx in advance

Espen Behrens