View Full Version : Quadraphonic Speakers?

13-06-2011, 08:51
Hi all,

Is anywhere here familiar with 1970's Quadraphonic systems? I bought 2 speakers the other day unaware they were developed for a Quad set up. I want to know if I can run them from a 2 channel amp. The guy I bought them from seems to think he can but can't remember how he did it. They seem to have 5 inputs on the back (see pic) - 3 push fit and two 2 PIN DIN, and there's a control switcher beneath (Left front, right front, etc). I've been experimenting with the push fits but can only get sound when the control switch is held in between the settings, for example LF-RF, and obviously it wont stay in that position. I've ordered some 2 PIN DIN connectors to try also.



13-06-2011, 18:53
Problem solved. Managed to open them up and worked it out.