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Alex D
29-09-2008, 14:16
ok, here's the thing, I've got some friends that I've infected with the vinyl virus (oh yeah!) who want to buy a hi fi system with a turntable as source and they've asked me for help... apparently the money will be available in a few weeks time but the budget is only 100!!! They live in the Winchester/Southampton area and do not have a car or access to a car (neither have I, so I'm not being a lousy friend here!). They are adamant that the budget shouldn't be exceeded, and hope for less! Their musical tastes are mainly classic rock and pop with a touch of 80's indie. No classical or jazz that I know of. They'll be listening mainly at low and mid volume, and definetely NOT at high insane volumes!
Buying through websites/ebay is an option to be considered.

In summary, what they need:

Amplifier with phono
Speakers (stands?)

What are your recommendations? Is it just too crazy? :scratch:

29-09-2008, 14:58
In summary, what they need:

Amplifier with phono
Speakers (stands?)

What are your recommendations? Is it just too crazy? :scratch:

Nope, speak to Dave at Green Home Electronics (http://theartofsound.net/forum/member.php?u=63) on here, he's got loads of good second hand hi-fi and he posts it out. A 100 is pushing it a bit, but you never know.

The normal shop (http://www.greenhomeshop.co.uk/shop/)

The audiophile shop (http://www.usedhifishop.co.uk/)

I got a superb set up for a friend of mine; turntable, amp and speakers for about 130 - sounded excellent, very excellent in fact. :)

29-09-2008, 15:05
How about:

A Dual 505 with Ortofon cartridge (http://www.greenhomeshop.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=952)


a JVC AX-X3 integrated amp (http://www.greenhomeshop.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=775)

and some...

Gale mini monitor mk2 speakers (http://www.greenhomeshop.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=886)

105 (without postage though) and should make a lovely noise. To get something for less is pushing it unless your friends want to run the (marginal) risk of buying privately from ebay. I'm sure a few of the members on here have a few old components laying about that they no longer want/need - maybe do a 'request' post in the private exhibitions area, most audiophiles love getting new folk into hi-fi.

I have a spare pre-amplifier if that's any good. :)

Alex D
29-09-2008, 15:16
Hey, thanks for your reply!
I'd been looking in greenhome but some of the items I have no idea about, so I guess it would be good to get in touch directly with Dave. I'll wait till I get the final get go from my friends.

Good idea about posting a wanted list here, I'll do that shortly.


29-09-2008, 20:29
Looks like I am going to have to offer Rob a Job :)
Or would thet be Bob a job? I'll get me coat.
Seriously though, do get in touch Alex - 100 is pretty tough but I think we can do it. Don't know if I can get some speaker stands in that budget but speakers, amp and turntable should be possible, I can even bung in some basic interconnecting cables so they have all they need to enjoy some music.
Hope to serve you soon.

29-09-2008, 21:17
What a brilliant example of the goodness of this forum. I'm much impressed. Dave, you're a diamond in the circumstances. Well done!

Alex D
29-09-2008, 21:34
Thanks very much for the offer... I just got my hands on some speakers before I read this post, although I don't know exactly in what state they are, so I'll let you know. But I will definitely get in touch for the rest of the stuff. If the speakers are in good nick that should be 80-90 for amp, turntable and stands with delivery.

You have all been very helpful, and yes you SHOULD give Rob a job (first we had Rod the Mod, now we have Rob the Job!).


30-09-2008, 05:38
i habe a old pait of speaker stands you are more than welcome too but you have to pick them up and they are a bit light weight

30-09-2008, 06:00
i habe a old pait of speaker stands...
Sorry to see you got a bad cold John:).

30-09-2008, 11:33
Looks like I am going to have to offer Rob a Job :)

:) Ahem, we'll discuss my commission later. ;)

...You have all been very helpful, and yes you SHOULD give Rob a job (first we had Rod the Mod, now we have Rob the Job!).

Well said that man, that's +1% commission right there! ;) Who's Rod the Mod may I ask?

Alex D
30-09-2008, 11:36
i habe a old pait of speaker stands you are more than welcome too but you have to pick them up and they are a bit light weight

You're very kind!
Unfortunately (for me and my friends), Cricklewood is too out of the way as the trip would mean a trip on the train from, at least, Woking where I live. But I really appreciate your offer and if something arises that means I must go to North London or whereabouts I will surely accept it eagerly.
I must say that I just cannot believe the kindness of people here in this forum. Is it because we all understand how much misguided wrath we receive from our significant others? :lolsign:

30-09-2008, 11:39
Alex; I'm only a few miles from both Cricklewood and Woking, if you want them give me a shout and I can get them collected from Cricklewood and run them over to you in Woking no problem at all.

Let me know. :)

Alex D
30-09-2008, 11:42
:) Who's Rod the Mod may I ask?

No one here actually...

It's this guy:

http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://bp0.blogger.com/_HL8FQLGIZAk/R12Jl1IS0RI/AAAAAAAAAD0/HAgIRKHDd2A/s400/rodstewart_2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://leggodub.blogspot.com/2007/12/rod-mod.html&h=333&w=250&sz=26&hl=en&start=1&usg=__Rn0PsQIFIqSf30HmNyd9YcTV3dI=&tbnid=YL9gcA18ylfG5M:&tbnh=119&tbnw=89&prev=/images%3Fq%3Drod%2Bthe%2Bmod%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%2 6safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG

The 'Mod' refers to the youth culture movement in the 60's, as opposed to rockers. Paul Weller is a modern or second wave Mod for example.

30-09-2008, 11:44
Ahh I see, I thought there'd be some more recruiting in my absence. :lol:

30-09-2008, 14:46
give us your address and i'll pop a set of ixos I/C's in the post.

lovin' this helping out lark

30-09-2008, 21:09
Top bombing, very kind Muffin. I've PM'd John and awaiting his reply about the stands (collect date). We'll get more folk into this hi-fi lark!

Alex D
03-10-2008, 11:37
Ok, an update on the 100 quid hifi project:

Rob has kindly offered to pick up the stands from John's and is coming on Saturday to leave them at our flat. Apparently there are some extra goodies! Top men both of them.
Muffinman has sent some interconnects that should arrive soon. Top man too.
I just picked up a pair of Monitor Audio R252, which are a bit tatty, one with a poked tweeter and everything (kind of fixed that), but sound fine with my Inca Tech Claymore so should be ok. The price? 5! Yep. I thought for that price it was worth the risk. I'll audition them for the while and if I like them more than my Mission 761s I'll just loan the Missions indefinitely to my friends. Of course it's up to my wife too!

Roger and out!


03-10-2008, 11:45
Stands collected last night, more interconnects than you can shake a stick at, haven't checked my speaker cable situation yet but I should be able to find some. Coming together Alex. ;)

03-10-2008, 18:38
Ok... I might regret this. But....

I'll offer a Goldring Lenco GL75 turntable, I won't turn down any offers to help with postage ;). There's a small caveat however, it needs a tonearm!

I'm also happy to make any interconnects that may be required. :)

Any good?

Alex D
03-10-2008, 19:34

I don't know what to say after all the generosity displayed in this forum. I'll have to get back on the Lenco offer and ask my friend, but I'll try and do a good job in convincing him! I'm sure he would pay for the courier. Any idea for the tonearm? I've got a spare Shure Mx97e that I'll give him for starters if he goes that route. Bear in mind that they still need an amplifier... incredibly, they haven't spent a penny yet, and already have speakers, stands, cables aplenty and maybe a turntable sans tonearm.

I really don't know what to say. I need a beer! :beer::beer:

To all artofsounders out there: :respect:

03-10-2008, 19:47
Awww... balls to it. I'll even pay the postage! :)

03-10-2008, 19:59
It's 'cos we're in 'pre Christmas spirit' mode in October! :eyebrows:

Nice one, Mike, and all the other guys who've helped Alex out :)


Alex D
04-10-2008, 10:32
Quick update, Rob just passed by and left the stands and a free interconnect from John! The stands look fantastic and feel sturdy, my friend will be very happy!
Plus, Mr. Postman just delivered some brilliant Ixos interconnects courtesy of Muffinman.
I know that the Christmas season begins earlier every year, but this is getting ridiculous, hehe.
Thank you all and a big round of applause for Rob as he just delivered the goods out of the kindness of his heart.

Roger and out.


06-10-2008, 08:46
Cheers, the interconnect was my first 'proper' interconnect, so there's sentimental value on that. :D

Keeping my peepers open for an amp. :)

15-04-2009, 16:58

Anyone know what happened to this system? :scratch: :confused:

15-04-2009, 17:34
Hmm. Alex hasn't been around recently, but I think he had work or family that took him out of the country occasionally... Come back dude! We miss you. AOS is reachable internationally!