View Full Version : HDD/cdp one-boxers

26-09-2008, 17:06
i'm looking at getting a one box solution to replace an underused cdp and tuner. i've noticed the sony NACHD1e at 300. 250ghddhttp://www.superfi.co.uk/popup.cfm?product_name=DISCONTINUED%20SONY%20NACHD 1E%20NETWORK%2FCD%20PLAYER%20%20HD%20RECORDER&image_name=Sony-NACHD1E-1400.jpg

this is also a WAF purchase due to the fact that one day all the cds' could be stowed. i also like the fact that it can time record radio.

does anyone know anything about this product.
it'll be replacing a sony x303es and a denon 260lii so it's not having a mountain to climb sonically

26-09-2008, 18:50
I use a ps3 (just pop in a bigger hard drive) it's excellent.

The stand alone box looks interesting I am sure I read somewhere else that it was pretty good

26-09-2008, 19:40
i had a 60g ps3 a while back, but got tired of waiting for any games to come out so sold it.
the hdd has to go on the rack aswell and i dont think the ps3 ticks the WAF boxes as it'd need a screen aswell.
good idea though:)

Ali Tait
26-09-2008, 20:29
Have a look at the thread I started on the Ava RS3.Looks good,if on the pricey side.

06-10-2008, 11:37
i got the nac-hd1e from my local hughes store. ex-dem for 249. it has a 250hdd and i'm currently tx-ing my fairly small cd collection over to it. it txs in pcm (and other more compressed formats) and so far the sound seems very good, just a little below my (now retired) sony 303es. it plugs straight into my router and accesses the gracenote database for tracklistings etc. another funky feature is that it can be timer set to record specific radio shows straight to the hdd. it then chops the show up into music,chat and ad sections - pretty nifty i think. it can access my music folders via usb or wireless and can tx playlists or tracks to a usb stick/walkman thingy.
i'll give it a few weeks before i make the inevitable decision to add a beresford DAC:)

oh, does anyone know where i can buy a hubble telescope. i've just noticed that from my listening position that the tracklistings are a little on the illegible side.
that'll teach me to have a decent sized listening room :-(