View Full Version : Nordost Eco 3 Anti-static

02-05-2011, 17:42
Tried this anti-static spray on a recommendation from a few friends, and am very pleased with the improvements. The first noticeable thing is reduced sibilance, as well as clearing up of the quieter details.

Still, $35.00 per bottle seems a bit steep to me. I did some research and found this product: Static Neutralizer (Staticide) (http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/117/2025/=c4r3vl -- go to the bottom of the page). This one sells for $9.89 for 32-oz. My question is, would this product be as effective in taming static charge buildup as Nordost Eco 3 is? If yes, it's a much, much better deal (Eco 3 bottle is only 8-oz).

03-05-2011, 16:46
I use the eco 3 wipes myself, too expensive for the results obtained IMHO.