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21-09-2008, 11:38
Greetings to one and all.
My name is Phil, from just north of Sydney, Australia.
I stumbled on this site while following "Lampizator" links. I liked it immediately and registered after lurking all afternoon!
I modded my Zhaolu 2.5a until the output board died, so I then grafted the AD1852 board directly into my Vimak D900 CD player and used a passive output stage using series polyprop caps. A better result than going though the Zh. My Zhaolu now does headamp duties only.[audio technica AD900]
I have Klipsch La Scalas [104dB/watt] and have dabbled in Tripath amps.
My current source is an overkill 100w per ch. Vincent hybrid integrated sv236, but it sounds great.
I am here following Leo and the chat re. a budget CS4397 board.
Toodle pip,

Steve Toy
21-09-2008, 12:26
Welcome to The Art of Sound.

100 W into 104 dB. Wow!

21-09-2008, 16:41
Hi Phil...Welcome.

Nearly moved to just north of Sydney meself a while back, but decided not to in the end.
Had some interesting e-mail exchanges ages ago with the chap who designed a load of Linn speakers years back, and set up his own business in OZ (Kantu's ??).
Sounded like some nice kit...pity he doesn't export here !! Coals/ Newcastle thing !

21-09-2008, 21:27
100 W into 104 dB. Wow!

Sorry WHAT?.... speak up I can't hear you!

21-09-2008, 23:28
This is the chap. Dr. Rod Crawford.
104dB with 100w.behind it...mmm. My Sheffield Drum Record sounds pretty good!!!

22-09-2008, 07:47
Hi Phil,

Welcome to AOS :)

I'm glad you like what you see. Yes, the CS4397 DAC thread is proving to be very popular, and Leo (amongst others) has been instrumental in this.

Have fun and enjoy!


23-09-2008, 05:35
Welcome you have an intresting system can you post some pics of it sometime