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Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
20-09-2008, 18:01
Finally managed to prise this beast from a mate of mine :), have always liked this TT, looks great and it sounds good too. Will get it up and running soon, I am going to wait until the heavy counter balance weight and matching stub arrive first. Though it isn't a replacement for the Twin, it will certainly give it a good run for it's money - as the saying goes.

The mat will have to go, there are a few alternatives on the market any suggestions from you guys?



Now going to enjoy a few of these :cool:
Andy - SDDW

20-09-2008, 19:55
nice work on the plinth should sound great when u get it up and running

Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
21-09-2008, 12:19
The Lenco is varying layers of Ply, MDF and two butchers blocks. The VTA is a Pete Wriggles device. The Lenco metal toplate has thin ply bonded to the underside to make it a flush/tight fit with the plinth and the top also has Dynamat damping material fitted. The Lenco is I believe a GL75 and the tonearm a Rega RB300 with Audio Origami Arm and Cable wiring. I intending to put my Koetsu Black in to the arm and will be looking for a decent mat, quite fancy one of the Sound Dead Steel ones ? There is also FIM bearings to isolate the top plinth from the base block as can be seen under the metal pillars on the outside edges, so the whole top unit gently moves when touched.
Will update when I have it in-service, with more photo’s. It really is quite a looker :)

Andy - SDDW

21-09-2008, 18:18
Ah!... So you got your hands on it in the end then! :)

Looks pretty hefty! :eyebrows: