View Full Version : Hacker Centurion GA 500 Series.

14-09-2008, 09:38
Built as a record player only; it has inputs for external tuner and tape. Cosmetically nice; grained wood finish with matching speakers. I cannot test the record deck as the stylus is missing but playing through the tape input it sounds good. I've been told it dates from around 1970 and a Hacker enthusiast down south tells me that when made, it was an expensive model and the matching speakers cost extra. Although the Garrard deck has autochange features, it is fitted with a single play spindle. Price 25. I would prefer it to be picked up, but delivery can be arranged. It's a heavy unit; I can price delivery to you if need be. You can reach me by email (combwork@aol.com) or by `phone (01575 572647). I'm in Scotland, some 20 miles north of Dundee....................Jim.