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Darren Cotter
11-04-2011, 07:01
Hi All,

I'm after a good quality HDMI switching unit. Three or four inputs would be fine, but I would like a digital out as well, so what ever HDMI input is selected, the output is not only from HDMI, but also via optical, so that can be sent to my AV amp. Does such an item exist?



Mark Grant
11-04-2011, 08:15
I use Octava on installations and never have a problem.

I dont have any in stock, but this should do it:


I would speak to John or Joe at the Media Factory and let them know what you need to connect and they will know if it is suitable or not.
( not sure if this passes 3D or not, if you need 3D)

Sure they can post one to Jersey :)

Reid Malenfant
11-04-2011, 09:32
Seconded on the Octava, i use one myself & it's an excellent bit of kit :)

11-04-2011, 20:05
:eek: Whoa - Mark's changed his avatar! Sorry, back to topic :)

The Vinyl Adventure
11-04-2011, 21:13
It says what's 3G and what's not here