View Full Version : Focal Utopia III now on demonstration

Mr. C
12-09-2008, 22:56
The waiting is over, the brand new Utopia replacements are here!
Focal's third generation Utopia has arrived in style, the stunning new 'Diablo' and 'Scala' are already rewriting the performance benchmarks in the prospective classes'
The brand new Beryllium IAL2 tweeter, with its amazingly sweet wide open sound with class leading transparency.
Coupled with the second generation 'W' sandwich cone drivers that offer unparalleled texture, speed and cohesiveness for a 'traditional driver'. To that heady mix factor in the spectacular cutting edge 'EM' driver technology and it all adds up to one intoxicating sonic cocktail of musical delight.
These speakers work with a wide range of equipment more so that their predecessors, come and hear just how good these beautifully crafted and stunning looking speaker really are.