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09-09-2008, 19:34
A mate of mine has Dali speakers and having listend to them I think they may be what I am looking for in the bass department I have yet to hear them in my listening room and have been told that they may be a bit slow with the bass I think they are 800s I welcome comments from anyone who has heard these

11-09-2008, 22:03
I had a pair of large vintage Dali Skyline 1000 ribbon hybrids. Super mids and treble, but yes the bass was a bit overblown and hard to manage. They needed severe digital bass reduction via a Behringer DEQ2496 to get rid of a 15dB bass hump in my room !! - once that was done they sounded great.


12-09-2008, 19:36
You seem to have had more speakers than most of us have had hot dinners Jerry LOL Thanks for the info


13-09-2008, 17:42
I am currently using Dali Euphonia MS4s. The treble unit combining soft dome and ribbon take some beating, offering a spacious and airy sound that so far I have found nothing to improve upon . The bass can be heavy and requires a hefty amp to control however
I have tried smaller speakers like Wilson Duette but can't match that treble!

01-03-2018, 08:16
I have a pair of Skyline 2000 and found that they needed a good amp to control the bass.
A BB100 would drive them ok but they would really sing with my Lumley 250's with their 8 6550's per channel. (Totally impractical,, but what a sound)

Unfortunately, I had a break-in and one of my 15 inch Cerwin Vega bass units was stolen together with my BB100 amplifier.
They also smashed my nos GEC KT66's.

Dali can't help with the bass spec so I still have not replaced the unit.
I may just try some and hope for the best.
I could always make crossover adjustments.
One point of interest is that Dali use a super efficient bass unit and then attenuate it as frequency goes up to give low base in an open baffle and match levels with the midrange.

Perhaps that is the only way to truly match a moving coil bass with a panel or ribbon.
I feel an experiment coming for my B&W DM70's!