View Full Version : Being for The Love of Vinyl...

29-08-2008, 12:46
No, not a chapter in Malcolm McLaren's biography, but of course that funny looking black stuff with a hole in the middle...

I have been adding all kinds of new bits of kit to my system over the last few weeks and today the last piece of the Jigsaw arrived.

I have acquired a Pro-ject RPM5 turntable, a Musical Fidelity X-A2 amplifier and a Graham Slee Gram Amp 1 Bridge phono stage. All linked up to a pair of Quad 21L speakers(QED X-Tube , XT400 Cables).

My Pro-Ject debut and Marantz PM8200 will have to find a new home.

Now I know that these are not the toppest of high end components but compared to what I've owned before they are pretty fine and dandy.

I've only just plugged it all in so it needs 24 hours or so to bed down, but bloody blimey guvnor! Rock'n'Roll Animal by Lou Reed is certainly rocking the house in deepest Nth West Essex like it never has before. Sounds ruddy marvelous.

I just needed to share that with you as I was getting a bit moist.


29-08-2008, 13:05
Very happy for you! Enjoy this new chapter of your musical journey mate!