View Full Version : Belles IA-10 Integrated amplifier

Mr. C
25-08-2008, 14:06
We are pleased to announce we now have this superb amplifier on permanent demonstration. (First outside the US)
Based on the award winning MB200 and LA-01 technology, the IA-10 is a marriage of the above two superb pieces.
One of the most stand out features of this amplifier, is it's ability to remove itself from the equipment equation and just leave the music.
The amplifier just disappears, leaving natural flowing and involving music.
Very simple circuit topology (High quality fully discrete ,no op amps here!), nearly 40 amps of current delivery, 180W rms ultra quiet operation. Customer made balanced transformer just for this amplifier.
Huge 0.2hz to 125Khz band width, amazing headroom and dynamics, yet the sweetness this amplifier exudes is just breath taking. Staging is deep, open and incredibility taut.
Your speakers will just disappear leaving you engrossed in the musical experience.
For those of you looking for a serious one box solution, then the Belles IA-10 sets the new standard for high quality integrated amplifiers.