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  1. Hello Marco - and thank you!
  2. Quad launches its new Artera audio component range
  3. Arcam Solo 'Gen 3' Launch - Weds 4th November 2015
  4. Grateful Dead: Fillmore East 2-11-69 (180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP – 3 LPs)
  5. Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card (35th Anniversary Edition) (2CD)
  6. Arthur Lee and Love: Coming Through To You – The Live Recordings (1970 – 2004) (4CD B
  7. SOLITAIRE 2016…debut Munich HIGH END in May 2016. Images; an astonishing design
  8. Grateful Dead: Cambodian Refugee Benefit (CD) To be released 04/12/2015
  9. The Allman Brothers Band: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 30th December 1979 WLIR – FM
  10. Judy Collins: Antonia: A Portrait Of A Woman Soundtrack (CD)
  11. The Byrds: Lee Jeans Living Rock Concert 1969 (CD)
  12. Clones Audio AP2 ‘giant killer’ preamplifier test review
  13. Bob Dylan: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol.12 (Deluxe Edition)
  14. Jack Bruce & HR Bigband: More Jack Than Blues (CD+DVD)
  15. Beach Boys’ Party! Uncovered and Unplugged (2CD)
  16. LFD Audio Q&A: LFD Audio: Their amps driving Harbeth speakers
  17. How many light bulbs does it take to replace an engineer?
  18. LFD Audio Q&A: Hi Howard. What’s your take on mixing brands in general and .....
  19. The Jayhawks: The Fields Are Smiling (Live at Slim’s) (2CD)
  20. John Williams: The Complete Album Collection Box Set (59CD)
  21. Colin’s Wonfor answers the question: What is bias from a technical aspect
  22. Theme Time Radio Hour with your Host Bob Dylan (Limited 6CD Box Set)
  23. Colin’s Wonfor answers the question:Impedance match of preamp and main amp
  24. The Everly Brothers: Bye Bye Love – Radio Broadcast (CD)
  25. Canned Heat: Live In Concert 1979 Parr Meadows Long Island (CD)
  26. What are your niggles about your LFD hardware?
  27. Goodbye hifianswers.com and hello Audiophile News and Music Review.
  28. FOR SALE: Mint condition PS Audio Perfect-Wave AC3 UK spec power cord
  29. FOR SALE: Ex-display bargain: LFD Audio NLE Mk2 power amplifier
  30. FOR SALE: Black Rhodium Sonic Link Interconnects Model name is 'Black'
  31. Audiophile News and Music Review is now live
  32. Well, that was quick wasn't it?
  33. Miles Davis: The Lost Broadcast (CD)
  34. Colin’s Clinic. Mr Wonfor answers your question: DIY interconnects using Teflon braid
  35. PS Audio: Dynamics
  36. Clones Audio 55PM ‘giant killer’ mono power amps test review
  37. Paul Graham of Graham Audio interviewed
  38. Joe Walsh: If I Was The President (CD)
  39. Audiophile News and Music Review truly international; top 13 countries ranked
  40. Audiophile News & Music Review: You can now follow us on Twitter
  41. Audiophile News & Music Review: You can now follow us on Facebookj
  42. Top posts in the past 24 hours: Vifa, Devialet, Graham Audio, Colin Wonfor and more
  43. Colin’s clinic: Mr Wonfor answers your questions: A clean sheet of paper?
  44. Bob Willoughby: Jazz - Body and Soul. Book review by Chris May
  45. Bob Dylan & Tom Petty: Live On The Radio ‘86 (CD)
  46. Bowers & Wilkins has released the Zeppelin Wireless
  47. Noble 3D
  48. Pro-Ject RPMs
  49. Sennheiser Orpheus
  50. Type Segal: Emotional Mugger (CD)
  51. Essential listening: Big Star – Keep An Eye On The Sky (4CD Soft Pack)
  52. Essential reading: Sonic Wonderland by Trevor Cox – review
  53. PS Audio: Moving the hot seat
  54. Carl Wilson: Long Promised Road – WNEW-FM Broadcast ’81 (CD)
  55. FYI: STAX DA 100, CA-X, SRA 12s, servicing, attitude towards end-users, and more
  56. Black Light (CD) by John McLaughlin
  57. Colin’s clinic: Mr Wonfor answers your questions: Design pride
  58. Marc Myers: Why Jazz Happened. Book review by Ian Patterson
  59. Miyajima Madake
  60. PS Audio: A trip to the radio store
  61. Albert Lee: Highway Man (CD)
  62. Top posts in the past 24 hours
  63. Audiophile News and Music Review truly international; top countries ranked
  64. We are recruiting an ad-manager. Year #1 OTE £35k. Q1/2016 start
  65. A fishing (but not phishing) phone call this afternoon
  66. Breaking News: Arcam – MusicBOOST – iPhone 6 Digital Audio & Battery Upgrade
  67. The AN&MR editor's choice - mainly music
  68. Breaking News: Arcam – irDAC-II Compact High-performance 24/192 +
  69. Breaking News: McIntosh – The RS100 wireless speaker allows you to .....
  70. Doug Sahm and Band (Limited Gold Vinyl LP)
  71. Coming soon: I Thought I Was A Child (CD) by Bonnie Raitt
  72. Abacus.fm Mozart Piano
  73. PS Audio: The perfect music collection
  74. Coming soon: Joe Egan - Out Of Nowhere (CD)
  75. A Record Seven Grammy Nominations for Reference Recordings
  76. Essential Listening: Soundstage – Blues Summit In Chicago 1974 (DVD) by Muddy Waters
  77. Mark Levinson – the man and a literally incendiary visit to my home
  78. Helius: Their long awaited turntable, the Alexia, is now a reality
  79. Helius: Their long awaited turntable, the Alexia, is now a reality
  80. PS Audio: SACDs
  81. Coming soon: In The Empire Of The Sun (CD) by Guns N’ Roses
  82. John Watson of Mana: The complete interview
  83. Essential viewing including 4 tonight 15th Jan 2016
  84. New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker + Linn Exakt technology now shipping
  85. Pianist Stephen Hough discusses how to attract young young people to classical music
  86. MQA Takes Off Big-Time in 2016
  87. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life without You: Live at The Nichols Arena, Denver, CO
  88. Top posts in the past 24 hours
  89. Sennheiser New Reference-level HD 800 S Headphones At Headroom
  90. Essential Listening: Nuggets – The Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era
  91. Is Twitter an overlooked audiophile publicity tool?
  92. Might this be of use to AoS Private Exhibitions?
  93. Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945-2015
  94. Essential Listening: Irishman In New York (Limited 2CD) by Rory Gallagher
  95. Nu Force Primo 8, high end in-ear speaker system..
  96. George Duke: The Era Will Prevail – The MPS Studio Years (1973-1976)7xVinyl Box Set
  97. Coming soon: Pete Seeger & Roger McGuinn: The Bottom Line Archive In Their Own Words
  98. PS Audio: Studio speakers
  99. How and why a £9 CD cost me £125
  100. Wilson Audio: The all new ALEXX including hi-res images & a video
  101. PS Audio: It might seem complex
  102. Coming soon: Tom Principato And Danny Gatton: Blazing Telecasters (DVD)
  103. Sony Music Lab
  104. Constellation Audio Introduces Inspiration Integrated 1.0 Integrated Amplifier
  105. Coming soon: Bill Evans: Original Album Series (Bill Evans) (5CD)
  106. Audiophile News and Music Review on Twitter
  107. Today's top three links that you might find interesting
  108. Coming soon: Mike Oldfield – The Killing Fields (CD)
  109. International HiFi Show to Showcase PS Audio’s Finest
  110. FS: LFD Audio Zero LE3 with built-in phono stage
  111. Bloke music: three quintessential examples please
  112. Essential viewing: Paul Young & A. Moyet That’s the way love is @ Live Aid 85
  113. James Loudspeaker Announce W Series
  114. Best cover of a not very good Elvis Presley song
  115. Coming soon: Joni Mitchell – Comfort in Melancholy – Music and Conversation (2CD)
  116. Pryma 01 Headphones
  117. Coming soon: Rolling Stones – Roll Over Beethoven Radio Broadcast 1963 (CD)
  118. McIntosh C1100 Pre
  119. McIntosh: RS100 wireless speaker allows you to easily add streaming music ....
  120. Coming soon: Tom Principato And Danny Gatton: Blazing Telecasters (DVD)
  121. What Happened, Miss Simone?
  122. Helius Designs: in conversation with Howard Popeck – part one
  123. Computer Audio Design launch the 1543 MKII DAC
  124. Helius Designs: in conversation with Howard Popeck – part two
  125. Essential Listening: Johnny Winter – Raisin Cain (CD)
  126. ECM: In search of free jazz and free expression
  127. Monitor Audio Debuts New Platinum II Series Loudspeakers
  128. Tortuga Audio Announces Boathull Loudspeakers
  129. Fosgate Signature headphone amp to make UK debut at Headroom 2016
  130. Our entire archive of Jazz music posts
  131. AVID Expands Its Offerings to Include Reference Loudspeakers
  132. Dr. Bews describes his LFD Audio NCSE Mk 1 integrated amplifier
  133. Essential Listening: Bob Dylan – Shadows In The Night (CD)
  134. Karen Carpenter's tragic story
  135. New release: Spooky Tooth – Nomad Poets – Live in Germany 2004 (Deluxe CD+DVD)
  136. Prism Sound Introduces Callia Preamplifier-DAC
  137. New release: Herbie Mann – Live At The Whisky 1969 - The Unreleased Masters (2CD)
  138. Helius Designs: in conversation with Howard Popeck – part three
  139. Bel Canto Unveils the ACI 600 Asynchronous Control Integrated Amplifier
  140. PS Audio: We want to use the -3dB down point specified by the speaker manufacturer ..
  141. Music fans opting for CDs, vinyl and cassettes over MP3s - even if they never .....
  142. Harbeth: Alan Shaw in conversation with Howard Popeck
  143. PS Audio: The sound of it all
  144. Coming soon: Bruce Springsteen – Hollywood Studios Live ‘92 (2CD)
  145. Wyred 4 sound launches two new digital products
  146. NEWS: PSB Adds Sub Series 450 to Its Subwoofer Lineup
  147. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #1) – “… gifted at self promotion and bulls
  148. Coming soon: The Beach Boys – Ringing The Liberty Bell (CD)
  149. PS Audio: Audio amateurs
  150. NEWS: Leema Acoustics Demos New LibraPreamplifier-DAC
  151. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #2) – "They were the ones that saw the ....
  152. NEWS: Optoma Introduces Range of NuForce Balanced Armature Hi-Res Audio Earphones
  153. COMING SOON: John Hartford, Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger – Gentle On My Mind 1970
  154. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #3) – Mark Levinson, Antony Michaelson, Dr.
  155. NEWS: Exposure Electronics – their new 3010S2-D preamplifier
  156. COMING SOON: Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground 1966 – 1971 – Volume One
  157. PS Audio: The thing about perfection
  158. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #4) – Antony Michaelson (again), Mark Levin
  159. NEWS: Bang & Olufsen Takes To Cloud To Integrate Home Systems
  160. NEWS: PS Audio PerfectWave Debuts DirectStream Junior DAC
  161. Who's next and what does this mean for print-based audiophile mags?
  162. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #5) – Musical Fidelity
  163. Essential Listening: Leadbelly & Woody Guthrie – Wnyc Radio New York 12th Dec 1940
  164. PS Audio: So the next time you’re looking for no-compromise bass, look towards .....
  165. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #6) – Tim de Paravachini
  166. COMING SOON: Santana Live, The eagles Live and Tom Waits Live
  167. One approach re the arithmetic of effective ebay bidding re private sellers
  168. NEWS: Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary zero feedback integrated amplifier
  169. NEWS: New Scansonic HD M-series loudspeakers to make Bristol Show debut
  170. COMING SOON: Muddy Waters – In Concert 1976 (DVD)
  171. NEWS: Chord Electronics and Richer Sounds Come Together to get Mojos Workin’
  172. COMING SOON: Live In Dallas, Texas, 1982 (CD) by Linda Ronstadt
  173. NEWS: Blue Horizon’s new Sanctum isolation platform
  174. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #7) Tim de Paravachini (again), Bill Beard
  175. COMING SOON: Atlantic R&B 1947-1974 (8 CD) Full track list here.
  176. Essential Listening: Oscar Peterson – Exclusively For My Friends (6LP 180 gram
  177. From the archives The writing on the wall for preamps as we know them? Probably!
  178. AUDIOPHILE INTERVIEW: Mr. Raphaël Bini / French audio maker Soledge
  179. Essential Listening: The Standells – Live On Tour - 1966 (CD)
  180. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #9) – Bob Stuart (again), Madrigal and ....
  181. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: Freddie King – Live and Loud 1968 (CD)
  182. ESSENTIAL VIEWING: Henry Gray – How Could You Do It
  183. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #10) – Chris Bryant, Antony Michaelson + ..
  184. Linn Debuts Kazoo Music App
  185. NEWS: March 2016 launch of the newly redesigned, and legendary Planar 3 turntable
  186. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: John Mayall – Crusade
  187. NEWS: Sonic Satori Impressions: Audeze Titanium EL-8 + Cypher Lightning Cable
  188. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: 22 Songs – The Moore Theater,Seattle 1974 (CD) by Randy Newman
  189. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #11) – John Curl, Mark Levinson (again), Dr
  190. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 – QUAD
  191. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 – QUAD VA-One on display
  192. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 – Audiolab M-One, 8300N and 8300P on display
  193. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 – Wharfdale Diamond A-1 and Reva-2 on display
  194. NEWS: McIntosh Laboratory’s new MX122 processor is set to arrive in the UK
  195. NEWS: Munich High-End Show 2016 – Live Music
  196. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: The Zombies – Still Got That Hunger (CD)
  197. The amplifier designer hall of fame (part #12) – Julian Prendergast Verreker
  198. NEWS: The new Transcriptors Rotordec turntable
  199. NEW RELEASES: Miles Davis, Ornette Colema, Jeff Healey, Martin Turner
  200. NEWS: ARCAM first launch. New irDAC-II + 24/192 DAC Asynchronous USB + DSD128 - Headp
  201. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 Kudos Titan 808 + ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet Expert system
  202. NEWS: Bristol Show 2016 Launch From Leema Acoustics + Chord Electronics’ 10-Way Headp
  203. Changing places
  204. The most read AN&MR posts in the previous 24 hours:
  205. PS AUDIO: The next time someone messes with your creation, it’s ok to take it ......
  206. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: Nils Lofgren – Back It Up ‘85 (2CD)
  207. First Graphene Audio Speaker Easily Outperforms Traditional Designs
  208. ESSENTIAL LISTENING: Climax Blues Band – FM Live Remastered
  209. Scamwatch: online shopping fraud
  210. NEWS: Audio-Technica AT-LP5
  211. NEW RELEASE: Mountain (CD) by Leslie West
  212. NEW RELEASE: Mountain (CD) by Leslie West
  213. Gibson Les Paul, “A fine linen suit; really made out of sack”, Doc Martens + 100k rig
  214. NEWS: The Audio Music R-T1 preamplifier
  215. NEWS: HiFi Haven – ‘Talking about audio, not fighting about audio’
  216. NEW RELEASES: Sandy Denny, Stephen Stills, Elkie Brooks
  217. NEW RELEASES: Springsteen, Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gene Clark
  218. EQUIPMENT NEWS: Clearaudio cleaning machine, Audiolab new M-DAC, Noble Audio
  219. NEW RELEASES: Frank Zappa, Conny Plank, Alex Harvey
  220. EQUIPMENT NEWS: Luxman Class A, Meridian MQA
  221. NEWS: BBC given the go-ahead to end free viewing on iPlayer
  222. TWITTER: AN&MR MR today: Bob Dylan sells …, Blue Lola, Pro-Ject and 3 more
  223. PS AUDIO: Directionality of fuses
  224. PS Audio: Angry voices
  225. NEW RELEASES: Lou Reed / Jonathan Richman, Randy Newman / Tom Rush, Iggy Pop / Bowie
  226. NEWS: Mission LX: Luxurious Sound Without the Price Tag
  227. NEWS: The Bristol Show 2016 Report – Best Show Since 2003!
  228. TWITTER: Nina Simone, Metallica, Philip Glass, Adele, Haydn and …
  229. QUESTION: Is THIS the Stones most musically accomplished track?
  230. NEW RELEASES: Ella Fitzgerald, King Cromson, John Mayall
  231. NEWS: Pass Laboratories XP-25, Classe Sigma SSP, SST Theobe II
  232. NEWS: Bob Dylan announces new album and summer tour
  233. Dave’s Corner: Debunking Tube-Amp Tone Myths
  234. ESSENTIAL READING: He could have been talking about the audiophile industry
  235. NEWS: Hegel H160 and Marantz SA14S1 SE SACD Player and PM14S1 SE Integrated Amplifier
  236. NEWS: The World’s first bespoke interactive Audiophile magazine
  237. NEWS: ATC Launches SCM19AT Active Loudspeaker System / MQA at SPIRAL Event
  238. NEW RELEASES: UFO * Miles Davis * Dr Feelgood
  239. PS AUDIO: Your Dirty Dozen
  240. AUDIOPHILE INTERVIEW: Paul Graham of Graham Audio
  241. MOST READ: The 9 most read posts in the previous 24 hours
  242. TWITTER: Ariston Nano, Naim Mu-So Qb, Klipsh all-in-one, Keith Emerson suicide
  243. PS AUDIO: Networks to separate music
  244. NEW RELEASES: Gordon Lightfoot, Robert Cray, Beach Boys, Mountain, Albert King
  245. Got a problen downloading and/or streaming? You'll be interested in this!
  246. NEWS: Roxsan Oxygene 30, Shure electrostatics, Burson
  247. NEWS: Chord Mojo / Hegel H360 / elinsAudio Concerto
  248. NEW RELEASES: Gregg Allman / Roger McGuinn / Nicolette Larson
  249. NEW RELEASES: Mose Allison, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker
  250. PS AUDIO: ONE Music project