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  1. Specials - Armboards
  2. For armboards / speakers cabs / counter weights and much more - check out my website
  3. Interesting Tonearm project - Arm tube fabrication
  4. Just made - Tannoy GRF-R replica cabinets - bound for Sweden
  5. Turned birch plywood flanges and Stainless steel fittings
  6. New armboard for Schick 12" for arm pod
  7. Heavy counterweight for SL-1210 and Ebony headshell spacers
  8. Ebony armboard for a Clearaudio Performance SE deck
  9. Another pair of my narrow GRF specials come to life
  10. Armpod creation for Amari Oxywell Mozart A 12" arm / Linn and Black Widow armboard
  11. SL-1210 / SME Ebony armboard comes to life
  12. Bit of fettling for a Fidelity Research FR64s and fitting to a TD-124
  13. Audio Techinca ATP-12t Armlift / rest holder and extra heavy counterweight
  14. Vitavox S2 etc screw on horn mounting rings
  15. Set of adapters for compression drivers to 2" throat tractrix 250 and 400Hz horns
  16. Extra heavy counterweight for SL-1210 145g
  17. Billet aluminium armboard for Ammonite audio / Shuggie
  18. Extra heavy counter weight for a Fidelity Research FR64s - 250g
  19. Threaded brass top hats for BobC / Vinyl Art
  20. Phase plugs to fit VOXATIV full range drivers, in polished ebony
  21. Birch ply armboard for a Heybrook turntable
  22. Another pair for Vitavox S2 style horn to driver adapter / fitting rings
  23. Adjustable / sliding SME style armbase and base plate
  24. Polished brass tonearm pod for 12" arm
  25. Update on the latest projets and creations
  26. Lots of projects on the go - but a little time out for some feedback from a customers
  27. Armboards, headshell spacers, counterweight, WAF Najda DSP X/O build
  28. More armboards for the mightly SL-1210 MKII and MKV
  29. Latest projects, Armpod, AT arm lift, Tube amp cage, brass weight
  30. Armboard for Jelco / Ammonite SL-1210 and feedback
  31. Some of my recent projects, Armboards, Armlifts, Tweeter holders and counterweights
  32. Alphason HR-100 tonearm arm base for Rexton
  33. Busy time with lots of armboards :)
  34. SME adjuistable armbase, 2 x Armboards for SL-1210 and an FR64s armlift solution
  35. SL12x0 African Blackwood armboard bound for New Zealand
  36. Armboards, metal boxes, Copper plate, Brass Knobs & Arm adapter
  37. Ebony armboard for SME V bound for the USA
  38. The Thorens TD125 MKII armboard now with Ammonite Jelco 750D armbase fitted
  39. Ebony record weight, turntable feet / armboard moutning top hat and 550Hz horns
  40. SL-1210 Ebony armboard for the Jelco Ammonite armbase
  41. SL-1210 Armboard for Sumiko MMT arm and extra heavy Counterweight for Rega R200
  42. Latest projects - bespoke armboards, arm weights
  43. Extra height tonearm pod for a ClearAudio Unify arm and Jean Nantais Reference Lenco
  44. Latest projects - Ebony armboards, Special weight and counterweight
  45. Another Jelco arm damper weight
  46. Fidelity Research FR64s Tonearm damper weight
  47. Latest armboard and tonearm damper weight work
  48. Jelco arm damper weight bound for Singapore
  49. Interesting speaker biding post project and Jelco arm damper weight on customer deck
  50. Recent projects and products
  51. Lots of new projects and products
  52. Big Tannoy cabs get a driver test fit
  53. Replica Tannoy GRF-R Narrow/slim versions
  54. Armboards and armpod trio
  55. Latest armpod under construction
  56. Ebony armboard of to Canada
  57. Latest projects & updates Ebony armboards Reed3P, SME, FR64x & Brass polished armpods
  58. Stainless Steel counterweight for Fidelity Research FR24
  59. A case / sleeve surround in solid oak with turned aluminium feet for a Truth
  60. Record puck / weight in Gunmetal with an ebony base
  61. Platine Verdier armblock total refurb and fitting of Jelco Ammonite Uprated armbase
  62. Copper case and numerous upgrades for Audio Note L3 Phono Stage
  63. All pictures re-instated after Photobucket debacle
  64. Bepoke OFC copper chassis mounting phono socket
  65. SL-1210 armboard for the Ammonite audio uprated armbase.
  66. Turned brass feet for amplifiers
  67. SL-1210 armboard in ebony for Rega RB300
  68. An ebony armboard disc fit a Trio KD-500 turntable.
  69. Ebony armboard for Micro Seiko AX-4G Turntable
  70. Latest ebony armboard for Technics SL-1210
  71. Update on the Audio Note Copper casing and phono sockets project
  72. Latest Armpod creation for a Jelco arm with Ebony armboard
  73. Armbase restore, Counterweight sleeve, Armboard restore and mod
  74. African Blackwood armboard for SL-1210 in Austrailia
  75. Ebony armboard for a Nakamichi deck and Alphason HR-100 MCS arm
  76. Solid Ebony Armboard and Ebony headshell spacers bound for California
  77. Website relaunched / revamped
  78. Beautiful solid ebony record puck with tungsten core for extra mass
  79. Make over for a Heybrook TT2, Ebony armboard, ebony spacer, extra heavy CW
  80. Set of bronze weights for a Zeta Tonearm and a replacement knob for a Pioneer TT
  81. Ebony headshell spacer for Ortofon SPU Royal N
  82. Solid ebony armboard for SME 309
  83. Solid ebony armboard for Technics SL-1210 bound for the USA
  84. Ebony armboards to replace plywood for Graham Phantom and Fidelity Research tonearms
  85. Ebony record puck / weight with lead ingot incorporated inside to increase mass
  86. Custom African Blackwood headshell spacer
  87. Headshell weights / spacers in metal
  88. Latest ebony record puck - real heavyweight
  89. Solid turned brass feet for equipment, amps etc
  90. Pic of heavyweight ebony puck on customers deck
  91. New pair of Tannoy GRF under construction
  92. Continued construction of the Tannoy GRF-N replica cabinets
  93. Cabinets nearing completion
  94. Technics SL-1210 ebony armboard for SME arm
  95. Latest tonearm armpod. Off to the Netherlands.
  96. Solid ebony armboard for Mikro Seiki AX-4G
  97. Technics SL-1210 facelift project
  98. Tannoy Gold drivers are here
  99. Kuzma Stogi Reference fitted to SL-1210 with ebony armboard
  100. A bit of customer feedback for the Kuzma Stogi Reference ebony armboard
  101. Customer feedback for the Birch plywood Tannoy GRF Narrow cabs I recently made
  102. Solid ebony armboard for a Technics SP-10
  103. Technics SL-1210 ebony make over cont..
  104. Ebony arm block make to specification
  105. Customised totally revamped Technics SL-1210 mkII deck - warning lots of Ebony :)
  106. Ebony armboard for Technics SL-120
  107. Stainless steel lateral weight for Dynavector DV505 tonearm
  108. Solid Ebony armboard for SP-10 and Jelco tonearm
  109. Recent Ebony armboard for Technics SL-120
  110. Latest solid ebony armboard
  111. New armpod takes shape
  112. African Blackwood armboard for the new Technics SL-1200 GR
  113. Latest Ebony topped freestanding Armpod
  114. Tonearm damper weight for Fidelity Research FR64s
  115. Armpod and Audio Technica armlift carrier ready for collection
  116. Brushed aluminium armpod for a SME V tonearm
  117. Ebony armboard for Mikro Seiki arm and Technica SL-150 deck
  118. Armpod for SME V ready
  119. Billet aluminium arm mount for Plantine Verdier turntable
  120. Ebony armboard for SME arm fitting
  121. Extra thick ebony headshell spacer
  122. Ebony armboard for SL-1210MkII
  123. Step Up Transformer rejuvenation project
  124. Vitavox S2 compression drivers mounting rings
  125. Vitavox S2 compression driver to loudspeaker horn fitting rings
  126. Voyd armboard 4mm thick solid brass armplate!
  127. Pair of replica Tannoy GRF cabinets
  128. Further progress on the Tannoy GRFs
  129. African Blackwood armboard for Reed 3p Tonearm
  130. SME armboard for a Voyd Voyd deck
  131. Ongoing Tannoy GRF replicas in premium birch plywood
  132. Solid African Blackwood armboard for a Verdier Nouvelle Platine deck
  133. Turned stainless steel replacement weights
  134. Fidelity Research FR64s replacement counterweight
  135. Solid ebony armboard for Feickert Turntable
  136. Little turned aluminium knob
  137. Vitavox S2 / Philips compression driver to horn adapter creation
  138. Compression driver adapter rings
  139. Tannoy GRF replica cabinets ready
  140. Reed armboard update
  141. High gloss lacquered ebony armboard
  142. Replacement Stainless Steel anti skate weights
  143. Further progress on the Fidelity Research anti skate assembly
  144. Update on the high gloss ebony armboard
  145. FR64s classic heavy weight tonearm anti skate whole assembly test
  146. Testing the Anti Skate weight assembly and while arm on my deck
  147. Fidelity Research FR64s fully restored
  148. Something a bit different
  149. Ebony Vs Brass for armboards..
  150. Jelco SA-750D tonearm damper weight.
  151. Custom Aluminium arm mount
  152. Solid African Blackwood record puck
  153. 1st of 5 for a customer in Canada - Armpod
  154. Armpod finished
  155. Fast turnaround in time for Christmas [emoji846]
  156. Pair of Mikro Seiki style armboards on the go
  157. Microseiki arm mount update
  158. Tonearm damper weight in stainless steel
  159. Ebony record puck / weight
  160. Copper headshell spacers / weights and Audio Technica armlift and armclip carriers
  161. Audio Technica AT12/16/1503 etc armlift holder
  162. Audio Technica AT-16T armlift / clip carrier
  163. Kenwood L-07D direct drive turntable tonearm extra counterweights
  164. Solid ebony for TW Acustic
  165. Update on the Kenwood L-07D counterweights
  166. Taking Tannoy Golds active DSP bi-amp and re-finish project
  167. African Blackwood SL-1210 armboard
  168. Rega 6 & 9mm solid ebony spacers
  169. 1.5" to 2" Tractrix horn adapters
  170. Solid brass extension counterweight for SME tonearm
  171. 2 X Audio Technica AT-12T armlift / cueing solutions
  172. Brass accessories
  173. Brass work update
  174. Update to the Vitavox S2 Compression driver to horn mounting adapters
  175. Sorane SA 1.2 upgrades
  176. Technics SL-1210 solid ebony armboard for Origin Conquer tonearm
  177. Extra heavy counterweight for Sorane SA 1.2 tonearm
  178. Armbase securing nuts improvement
  179. Anti skate weights
  180. Armbase spacers in Stainless Steel
  181. Solid ebony armboards
  182. SME extra heavy counterweight
  183. Micro Seiki 12" solid ebony armboard
  184. Premium Birchply Tannoy GRF replicas
  185. Acos Lustre tonearm extra counterweight and fitting to Garrard deck
  186. Tannoy GRF replica cabinets and grilles vote finished
  187. Pair of Le Cleach profiled tweeter horns to fit 1" Altec 802
  188. Ebony armboard installed
  189. SL-1210GR ebony armboard installed pics
  190. Ebony armboard for SP-10 and Stax tonearm setup
  191. Extra shallow / wide armpod and heavy counterweight
  192. Super heavyweight ebony and gunmetal record puck
  193. Armpod mounted on customers decks
  194. SME arm fitting armboard
  195. Mid bass horns for a 4/5 way horn system
  196. Tormek blade sharpening jig
  197. Exponential mid bass horns update
  198. Metal brackets / supports
  199. Ebony turntable / equipment platforms
  200. Driver for mid bass horns
  201. Ebony equipment block stands
  202. Ebony feet finished and SL-1210 ebony armboard
  203. Low compliance cartridge anti skate weight
  204. Ebony Armboard on customer deck
  205. Exponential mid bass horns ready to ship
  206. Premium Birch Plywood Tannoy GRF inspired cabinets
  207. Custom Turntable motor stand
  208. Progress on 2 solid copper Verdier Platine arm mounts with 4 Ebony armboards
  209. Copper cube bases and ebony armboards ready
  210. Ebony supports and platforms, copper and ebony arm mount, aluminium and ebony motor m
  211. Arm mount for La Platine Verdier
  212. Le Clčac'h profile tweeter horns
  213. Tall and narrow GRF style birch plywood cabinets
  214. Extra / off plinth tonearm pod
  215. Ebony armboard for Sony TTS8000
  216. Solid brass tone arm stands.
  217. Technics SL-1210 GAE limited addition, ebony armboard and Kuzma Stogi Reference
  218. Ta-da
  219. Solid copper and ebony Platine Verdier arm mounts
  220. Satin black armpod
  221. Kuzma Stogi Reference tonearm installation on Technics SL-1210 GAE Limited Edition
  222. Brushed aluminium heavy armpod
  223. Platine Verdier tonearm base blocks
  224. Fidelity Research tonearm parts
  225. African Blackwood / Mpingo record puck.
  226. Ongoing work
  227. Pair of turned horns for 1" Faital drivers
  228. Heavy counterweight for Alphason
  229. Extra counterweight ring for Lustre 801 tonearm
  230. Headshell spacer / weight
  231. Ortofon TA-110 / SL-1210mkII armboard
  232. Pictures of installation
  233. Walker Turntable armboard for Linn tonearm
  234. Verdier La Platine arm mount in solid ebony
  235. Maple case for Neumann fader control
  236. Super heavy weight SME counterweight
  237. Neumann Fader unit installed and all wired up.
  238. Current ongoing projects
  239. Audiomods V Technics SL-1200GR
  240. Counterweight for vintage B&O deck
  241. Special arm mount for a special deck
  242. Ebony arm mounts for Verdier La Platine all mounted up
  243. Ebony Verdier La Platine arm mounts
  244. Audio Technica 1503 tonearm armlift holder / mount
  245. Fidelity Research FR64s / FR66s lateral weight rod fix
  246. Extra heavy counterweight
  247. SME 3012 super heavyweight counterweight
  248. SME extra heavy counterweight installed
  249. Audiomods tonearm fitted to SL-1210 GR. Solid ebony armboard
  250. Stand-alone heavy armpod