To all members,

After much deliberation, it is with regret that, as of today, we are extending the existing ban on discussing The Hi-fi Subjectivist forum, to a FULL BAN ON EVERYTHING NVA-RELATED.

This means that NVA products will no longer be permitted to be discussed IN ANY CONTEXT, including advertised in the classifieds section. Furthermore, no pictures of NVA equipment or cables, or any other NVA products/logos or references to NVA or HFS, or links to such, will be permitted anywhere on the forum, and this includes within avatars or signatures, although gear lists are fine.

The ONLY EXCEPTION to this will be on Gallery threads, where owners of NVA equipment will be allowed to post pictures of their systems, which feature said equipment. They will also be allowed, if desired, to list said equipment by model number, and that will be the FULL EXTENT of any permissible mentioning of NVA.

Historical pictures of NVA products, contained in the archive, will remain. However, all NVA threads therein (and throughout the forum) have now been locked, in order for them to remain permanently dormant.

The moderators have therefore been instructed to strictly enforce this new ruling, and immediate bans will be administered to those who fail to comply, or who attempt to question this decision, either here or elsewhere. Leniency, however, will be shown to new members or infrequent posters, who may have inadvertently missed this notice.

The decision on implementing a total ban on NVA has not been taken lightly by myself or the management team, as we understand that it will impact on the ability of members who own NVA products to chat about that aspect of their systems, and indeed for that very reason we have so far resisted taking this action.

However, it has become increasingly obvious that discussing NVA or HFS, in any capacity, is a poisoned chalice, and where such topics invariably end in acrimony. Therefore, that is why we've now taken the decision to completely disassociate ourselves from NVA as a company and The Hi-Fi Subjectivist forum (HFS).

Ultimately, we feel that taking this action is in the best interests of the smooth running of AoS, the majority of our members, and the current and future development of the AoS community, including maintaining the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that AoS is renowned for. Therefore, we would ask all members to respect our decision and support us in this matter.

As I've said, we had hoped that taking this action wouldn't have been necessary, but we feel that AOS now needs to move forward, positively and constructively, whilst remaining as informative and professional as possible, which means distancing ourselves completely from the above. Please note that this new ruling updates and replaces the existing one on this matter.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.


[Addendum, 16th April 2018]:

It should be noted that the main reason, which may not have been 100% clear before, for not permitting any discussion/recommending of NVA equipment (no matter its arguable sonic attributes or VFM, which is NOT the point) is because, due to the continual and completely unjustified harassment/stalking and persecution I've had to endure from certain members of HFS, over many years, understandably I don't want the company profiting indirectly through any sales potentially generated as a result of said discussion, as that of course would seriously go against the grain!

Therefore, that, along with all reasons previously outlined (above) surrounding the discussion of NVA, is why the equipment itself is not permitted to be discussed, outside of being listed in signatures. The reason why that's ok, is simply to allow NVA users, among our membership, to list their gear if they wish, as well as post pictures of it in the Gallery.

TBH, given the level of personal abuse others and I here have had to endure from certain members of HFS, I consider it generous that we've given it even that much exposure - or indeed entertain ANY aspect of its existence whatsoever!!

So you can thank them for making this ban necessary.

Lastly, and further to the flouting of this rule (and those previously stated in connection with NVA and HFS) by some members recently, I wish to outline that from now on anyone found guilty of such will, WITHOUT ANY FURTHER WARNING, receive a SIX MONTH BAN. There will be a certain amount of leeway given to new members and infrequent posters, who may have inadvertently missed this warning, but for anyone else whom we consider should know better, that ban will be strictly imposed].

Please also note that oblique references made by anyone to NVA or HFS, such as 'the place that can't be mentioned', or 'the gear we can't discuss', will also attract the same ban.

Once again, thanks in advance for your co-operation.