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Thread: Caiman passive output mod revealed

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    MartinT Guest


    The Gator gave me the drive I was missing and certainly didn't lack bass when I moved over to it (from Auricaps in passive coupling mode).

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    I'm Jim.


    Ah, it maybe has 50 hours on it, that might explain it then.

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    Thread necromancy! - I've just got the Beresford 7520 and I've done the 5 minute passive output mod. I have some 3.3uf Nichicon FWs in there (had them lying around), but also have some Nichicon MUSE 47ufs coming.

    I have a query:

    I like the sound of the pre-amp on my Sansui AU-317 so I don't want to go straight into the Sansui power amp from the Beresford. However, the variable output on the Beresford gives me better fine control of the volume on the AU-317.

    Now that I've done the passive mod, is it 'OK' to use the variable output from the Beresford into the pre-amp of the Sansui (AUX) or am I degrading the signal? Should I still be using the line output into the Sansui?

    (The problem with using the line output is that the level is a bit high for the Sansui and I can't put the Sansui volume above about notch 3 - plus the Sansui has an annoying notched volume which can bee too loud or too quiet!)

    Thanks all.

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