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Thread: System improvement options

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    Fair point, things got a bit sidetracked as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SantanaCorreia View Post
    I do also find the Audiolab to be very flat. Maybe sometimes a bit blend.

    The pairing with the MA works wonderfully for jazz. When it comes to rock is not that good. Almost all my friends agree with me. Also works wonderfully with fado, but many of you dont know it so it is not a refrence.

    With indie, the music style I listen the most, I would prefer a bit more bunch.

    Anyway I believe the system should play everything well and not just one music style. Dont want and dont need that kind of handicap.

    I will try to audition that creek. Is it a new one or an older model?

    Anyway I was trying to get some excit

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    Hi Luis, please let us know what amplifier you try with your speakers, I’m very interested in the outcome. Thanks
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