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Thread: Denon HA 500 review

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    I'm Steve.


    Sounds interesting
    Project 2experience sb dc
    Cartidge: At33ptg
    Rega Brio: 2017
    CD Player: Cyrus cd8se
    Dynaudio Emit M20
    Audioquest rca - xt40 speaker cable.

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    I'm Oliver.


    Sounds great
    Quote Originally Posted by STD305M View Post
    Sounds interesting
    Analogue: Technics SP10 MK2 > Phonomac AT-1010 tonearm > Ortofon Kontrapunkt b > Wizard Jfet MC Valve Phonostage (Telefunken Valves)
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    Amplification: Slagle AVC Passive Preamp & Firebottle Monoblocks (Telefunken Valves)
    Cables: Fisual S-Flex Speaker Cable & SPOTFIRE IC Cables Throughout
    Speakers: Pioneer CS-77A

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