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Thread: Audiophile urban myths and legends

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    Default Audiophile urban myths and legends

    A friend of mine, who is a hi fi salesman, told me the following incident that happened to him:

    He went to visit his steady customer (he calls his customers 'patients'), and the guy bragged how he had finally managed to make his digital system sound like a pure analog system. Gone are the issues with glassy, brittle tiring sound that has those unpleasant metallic overtones that people are always complaining about when reviewing digital playback.

    So my friend was curious to hear this new pinnacle of digital playback, sat down for a listen, and immediately noticed that something's off. He examined his patient's hi fi and realized that the guy somehow managed to blow his tweeters on both speakers. His hi fi couldn't basically reproduce any frequencies above 4 kHz!

    OK, that's a hilarious anecdote, but my point here is that later on I heard the exact same story that allegedly happened to some other guy in some other city.

    Hmmm, that looks like a perfect urban myth in the making.

    Then later on I heard a story about some therapist who was working with a blind and mentally disabled woman who was at that time in her forties. Part of his therapy was to play music while working with her. Well, the storyline goes that each time he'd put a CD on the patient would complain loudly, and if he would then switch to the turntable, she would smile.

    Another urban myth?

    Do you have any other such myths and legends, heroic stories that propagate through the community and then get retold as if they happened to a particular person?
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    Love it

    It's not really an urban myth as such but I was reminded of a funny occasion just the other day when I bought an old 1965 test pressing of an LP by Pepe Jaramillo. Now, for those who don't know Pepe Jaramillo was a Mexican musician who used latin rhythms and percussion - very much picked up later by the likes of Santana. In the 1970's my parents were starting to get comfortable financially and bought a state-of-the-art B&O stereo, the envy of their friends (and mine). I once came home to find them playing a Pepe Jaramillo LP and it sounded a bit manic to me - they had played a whole side at 45 instead of 33 RPM!

    Now, before we all fall about laughing at their antics, I also know hi fi enthusiasts who have done the same with 45 RPM LPs, playing them at 33 RPM and wondering late on in the side why the female vocalist sounds a bit odd

    My admission is I have wondered for a while why things sound quieter not realising that one channel is out. I also had a phono pre-amp for a while with a mono switch and would sit there for a while wondering why the stereo LP I was playing sounded a bit odd - I had not flicked the switch back!



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    A few years ago a friend bought me "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" by Amy Winehouse on vinyl.

    The first track I was "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and my first thought was "who's he?" Turned out to be Amy, singing at 45rpm, and being played back at 33.

    The real sickener was that my LP12 had no 45rpm adaptor, so Amy went unplayed for another two years.

    Going back another four decades, when me and my stoner friends had a listening session, we would sometimes deliberately play David Essex's "Rock On" single at 33rpm because we thought it sounded better that way.

    1973 was a strange year...
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    My dad was the only person who bought a copy of the Velvet Underground and Nico LP and DIDN'T form a band.....

    He trotted that one out every Christmas to little applause.

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