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Thread: Album Club, April 2018: Mary Chapin Carpenter - 'Shooting Straight in the Dark'

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    Default Album Club, April 2018: Mary Chapin Carpenter - 'Shooting Straight in the Dark'

    The Album Club choice for April comes courtesy of Mark (LenCo) with Mary Chapin Carpenter - 'Shooting Straight in the Dark'.

    As always, please listen to this album in its entirety before you comment and/or vote.

    Mary Chapin Carpenter - Shooting Straight in the Dark

    I like a bit of Country now and then - 'then' mostly - but I can always find time for Mary.

    I'm a big fan of her earlier albums; going by the songs she appears to be a sensitive lady who has been a little unlucky in love and hurt a few times, but she also has a great rocking soul and can party with the best of them when the mood takes her. Her lyrics are intelligent and witty and matching the musical phrasing perfectly. The production and playing on her records is always superb and there's an authentic feel to everything she does, be it a confessing a heartache or getting ready for a hurricane party.

    I'll mention a few tracks to illustrate.....

    Going Out Tonight - Real good opener, excellent arrangement, lyrics and playing (as throughout the album). Wouldn't you like to be the one who 'offers more than just a kiss'!

    Right Now - Great rocking number, girl in the mood for partying.

    The More Things Change - Melancholy and haunting, here comes the vulnerable side, speaks of a deep hurt somewhere along the line.

    When She's Gone - Similar feel. 'She knew by the way you kissed her, When she's gone you won't miss her'. Super matching of lyric to music. Poetry really.

    Down at the Twist and Shout - Another rocker, glorious Cajun fiddle, catchy and infectious, impossible to remain seated when this is on.

    You Win Again - Driving beat, more great lyrics. Great guitar.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy listening....

    If she's new to you look up her other earlier albums, the later ones I've heard get a little too philosophical with not enough uplift for me.

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    Thanks for suggesting. Always good to listen to a different style of music.

    I'm not really a Country fan, however this was ok and she is obviously talented in this genre. 7/10 from me.
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    Was a big fan of MCC in the 90s. This is one of her best IMO - a near perfect album without a duff track. Superbly produced too. Add to this "Come On, Come on" and "Stones In The Road" and you have her perfect trilogy.

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