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Thread: wam show 2018

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    Default wam show 2018

    is there a thread on this somewhere , i can`t find it . anyway 2 days to go till kegworth . anyone going . looking forward to nsm jantzens and the audionote an-e`s if i can get away to this from commitments

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    I'm Ian.


    The show itself is only on Sunday 18th.
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    Just up the road now.....I'll be there probably droolin'
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    Really glad I spotted this - I thought it was next weekend! I would have missed it so cheers for the reminder.

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    See you there Phil. Need to tap your experience of the Tannoys.

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    I'm thinking about going just need to work out the logistics of public transport.

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    I'll be going

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    I'm Steve.


    Where's Kegworth like?
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    I'm Steve.


    Are there many people from AOS Going?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Floyddroid View Post
    Where's Kegworth like?
    Right by East Midland's Airport, Steve.

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