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Thread: Heco Direkt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bourney View Post
    Starting to appear on the used market now. Part of me loves the way they look and they seem to meet the sort of designs that I generally enjoy but I've never heard any.

    Anyone got any experience of them and could compare them other designs of this ilk? Ie AN Es etc
    You’ll like them a lot. If you can accommodate their size and quirky looks, they are a genuine bargain.
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    I love mine with the Puresound 2A3.
    When I first tried them in my at the time small living room, 11 x 14ft, I was surprised how well they worked, so bought them.
    I have loved every minute with them.
    I now use them in a room 13 x 14ft + 3ft bay. They work brilliantly, the room is a bit on the square side but they still make a
    lovely sound.

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    Ive heard them at the Windsor Hifi show and they sounded great in Guys Puresound room, they didn't do a lot wrong
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    Heco was sounding fantastic at Windsor in 2016. It just shows how the expensive Wilson and Magico rooms struggled, which is normally what happens with audiophiles, putting too big speakers in bad rooms, and the Heco is a nice small speaker that just disappears. It gives a nice small planar like soundstage and those downward firing woofers are sufficient, and the sound is a well integrated whole to suspend disbelief. Can you get better? Yes. For a much higher price, proper set up and room.

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